“Revenge” Recap: ‘Revolution’


HOLLYWOOD—Sunday’s episode of “Revenge” was one not to be missed by fans, as a character met his demise at the hands of a Grayson. “Revolution” was all about placing things in gear to take down the villainous ones once and for all, but Emily (Emily VanCamp) never expected the horror she witnessed: Conrad (Henry Czerny) killed Pascal (Olivier Martinez)! Yes, the devious Grayson who seemed to be redeeming himself turned his dark side switch back on.

Before we delve deeper into what transpired let’s rewind a bit. First up, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) was on cloud nine after Pascal asked her to marry him. She was stunned at first, but agreed to marry her former love.  Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Margaux (Karine Vanasse) participated in the happy news; it almost felt as if those two were about to get reacquainted. Emily, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) made their move against Pascal by kidnapping him. The charade of Emily portraying an FBI Agent was absolutely thrilling. Pascal didn’t seem frightened at first, but that quickly changed when his freedom came into question.

Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) received an anonymous letter that made her question if her father David Clarke is really alive. When she presented the information to her mother, she seemed a bit alarmed, as if she knew something she wasn’t telling. The audience later discovers that Vicky was secretly hiding the letters. Hmm, I wonder why. Conrad was none too happy to hear about his former wife’s recent engagement and warned her that Pascal had just murdered a man.  This led a confrontation about trust between Pascal and Victoria where she decided to snoop in his belongings contacting a number she found on a business card. That number led the Queen Bee to warn Daniel that Pascal may be looking to sell them out to Homeland Security.

Big mistake Victoria that could be the reason Pascal is dead, telling the wrong person a secret could be costly, because father and son reunited over that information. Daniel betrayed his mother, lied to her face and smiled about it. One can only imagine what will happen when the truth is revealed.  Jack (Nick Wechsler) decided to help Charlotte with her mission to discover the person who wrote her the mysterious letter.  Inside the cabin the duo found a bunch of information related to the bombing of flight 197. Jack quipped David Clarke wouldn’t need to have this information as he already knows of it. Before leaving the cabin, Jack snagged a DC ring that he spotted on a table. A mysterious man later appeared from behind a door. Who is this guy and what is his connection to flight 197?

At the launch party for Daniel and Margaux’s new tech app, Emily and Nolan showed up in dolled glory. Javier attempted to break bread with his former friend, but Nolan gave him the cold shoulder. Pascal swooned to Victoria’s side to ease her worries, but she had a feeling something bad was about to transpire. It appears when you cross Nolan, you pay the price, as Javier, Margaux and Daniel learned all too well. The tech genius created a fiasco with the new app that caused Javier to lose his job, but Margaux and Daniel were on to Nolan’s hijinks. Should he be worried, perhaps, the Graysons are some vicious fiends. Conrad had his secret meeting with Pascal, as the duo darted to the rooftop causing a panic for Emily, Nolan, Aiden and Victoria.

During this heated confrontation, Pascal confessed about his involvement in David Clarke’s demise, just as Victoria and Emily rushed to the roof. With her own eyes Emily watched Conrad push Pascal into the blade of the helicopter killing him. This literally sent Emily’s blood boiling, but not as much as Victoria. She was a complete wreck with the death of her fiancé, just as Margaux.  The guilt on Daniel’s face said it all. He may have been responsible for the death of a man.

Conrad’s latest transgression caused Emily to refocus her next tactic to take down Conrad once and for all. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Victoria. She seems to have a good heart, but she makes horrible decisions. The final moments saw what is sure to lead into the season three finale as Charlotte was kidnapped by a mysterious party. Could this be the guy who was spying on Jack and Charlotte outside the bar? Not to mention Victoria is well aware the FBI agent onto Pascal was all a ruse, what will she do with this information? With only a few episodes left for season three; the finale is sure to shock. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson