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“Revenge” Recap: ‘Sacrifice’

HOLLYWOOD—Its the episode that fans have been eagerly anticipating and Sunday night’s episode ‘Sacrifice’ did not disappoint. The body in the water teased at the beginning of the season was finally revealed.  The person close to Emily Thorne who became a casualty was none other than the real Emily Thorne!  Some had foreshadowed this casualty earlier in the week, but from the glimpses presented at the start of the season audiences speculated it was a guy.  A guy did die, the eldest Ryan brother, but Amanda bid farewell as she went after a treasured momentum.  Let’s rewind a bit.

The episode opened with divers scouring the debris from the Amanda boat sinking in the water.  We then get a glimpse of Emily (Emily VanCamp), Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) keeping each other updated on a string of events, just a short distance, the Grayson clan was plotting.  Conrad (Henry Czerny), Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Daniel (Joshua Bowman) decided what to do with the body of Helen Crowley.  After much debate the trio decided to set-up Amanda Clarke.  Thanks to a bit of insight from the ever deviousVictoria.  This woman has no shame in her game; unfortunately before this season ends I’m sure she will regret that decision.

Jack and Amanda’s honeymoon came to a halting end, when they discovered an unexpected guest aboard, Nate Ryan (Michael Trucco) who had ulterior plans for the newlyweds.  With gun in hand, he forced the couple to admit what shady dealings they had in play to make Conrad change his mind.  Elsewhere, Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) overheard the Graysons plan and had a sense of integrity and informed her former BFF, Emily about the news.  This was a welcome development in the series.  These two haven’t had much interaction this season, so to see that bond redevelop is a great thing.  I still think Ashley has some skeletons in her closet that are waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting parties.

Upon discovering that Amanda had been snooping in her secret lair, Emily knew her closet friend and ally was in trouble so she hi-jacked Nolan and they were off to locate Jack and Amanda before it’s too late.  Victoria and Daniel continued to put on a show for the Initiative, engaging in a heated debate to attempt to fool the treacherous individuals.  While they think they are one step ahead of the game, I’m certain the Initiative is well aware of what happened to Helen.  They are not that stupid and I fear a Grayson will pay an unfortunate consequence for the murder.

Victoriaattempted to “bond” with her daughter by inviting her to the house for the annual Labor Day party; she was actually planting evidence against Amanda that had a side-effect on Padma.  Speaking of Padma, looks like she and Aiden may be bonding as they have similar backgrounds of losing people they care about. Back to the big action of the night, Nate gets a glimpse of Amanda and Jack’s plan and starts firing his gun striking Jack.

To save her beau’s life she uses the rescue boat to send him on his way, while she battled a nefarious Nate.  Back at the Grayson mansion, Victoria and Conrad were paid a visit by another member of the Initiative, a creepy looking guy digging into Helen’s disappearance; he knows both husband and wife were up to no good, but it appears Victoria and Conrad were a bit unnerved.  He went searching for evidence and found Helen’s message stashed under Amanda’s bed and listened to a message left by Padma about her father’s whereabouts.

Emily and Nolan discovered unconscious Jack, where Emily entrusted Nolan to get Jack to the nearest hospital ASAP, while she went to rescue Amanda.  She got there just in the nic of time as Nate planned to finish Amanda off.  After a tense battle, Emily was about to bid farewell, but Amanda shot Nate saving Em’s life.  The duo then planned to escape the boat as it was fuming with gas, but Amanda went to retrieve a necklace she received from Emily in the past and was caught in the explosion.  Emily pulled her friend into the lifeboat, but realized the extent of her injuries as Amanda begged Emily to take care of Jack and her son.  It was indeed a difficult moment to watch, Emily finally unleashed some real emotions to the viewer.

The climatic February sweeps have come to an end, but “Revenge” is just getting started.  I can only imagine how the Grayson clan will react to hearing the news of Amanda’s death.  In addition, Charlotte will not take the news well learning that her “sister” has died.  Will Victoria be there for her daughter in her need of crisis or will she simply put on another “show?”  That package Padma received in the presence of Aiden seemed to be validation about her father.  Rather he’s alive or dead is not known, but gauging from Padma’s reaction it doesn’t look good.

My biggest hope is that the Grayson clan minus Charlotte pays for their devious actions.  Hell hath no fury like a friend scorned. I can only imagine what Emily might do when she learns what Daniel, Victoria and Conrad set-up, more importantly that Conrad is responsible for Amanda’s demise.  I expect another shocking death this season, and it’s likely to be a Grayson, unlike last season the death will stick.  We have another two-week hiatus for “Revenge,” so enjoy the time off.  New episodes return Sunday, March 10 “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson

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