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Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter Jake Miller

HOLLYWOOD—Once again the race is on for holiday shopping. It’s that time to load up your cart and make it across the finish line. Bargain-hunters venture out looking for great deals from flat-screen TV’s to cameras to the new PS4 gaming system. Consumers continue to buy and charge their credit cards, creating even more debt. Stores continue to interrupt family dinners by opening and luring in consumers with bargains on ‘Grey Thursday’ Thanksgiving Day. Hard-core shoppers will clip their coupons, throw on their comfiest shoes and brave the crowds.

The hunt for the bargains can turn the polite, best intentioned individual into a Black Friday savage. There is absolutely no excuse for this unacceptable, rude behavior. Those who do plan to shop early on Thanksgiving Day or in stores on Black Friday weekend will join the throng of millions looking for sales and markdowns.

Celebrating his birthday on Thanksgiving, November 28, is American hip-hop, singer/songwriter Jake Miller. If you have never heard of him, you will. On November 5, Miller released his debut album titled “Us Against Them,” on E1 Music. Just six months ago, he only had a two hundred fan base, but now he is playing to sold out venues across theU.S. on his 43-date “Us Against Them Tour.”

On November 19, he was signed to Warner Brothers Records, which he announced on Twitter. Jake, who will turn 21, has an impressive fan base, especially on YouTube with a staggering 25 million views on his channel. With a growing social media audience, it didn’t take long for music execs to catch on. Miller is currently enrolled at the Universityof Miami, although he is currently focusing on his musical career. It was back in 2011 that he landed his debut live performance opening for rap legend Snoop Dogg in Florida. He has performed alongside FloRida, Sean Kingston, Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo and Austin Mahone just to name a few.

On his latest CD, “Us Against Them,” you will find singles such as “Collide,” and ” Hollywood,” along with the popular single, “Me and You.” On January 16, 2013, he was signed with E1Music and released his EP, “The Road Less Traveled.” which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart with his hit single “A Million Lives,” which is about overcoming tough times.

It was tough times for Justin Bieber, who was burned by a fan in Brazil who taped the singer in a possibly post-coital snooze. Bieber made sure he set the rules at a party last week making guests at a party sign contracts promising not to text, tweet, record or put on any social media what happened there-or else face an automatic $3 million penalty. Police were called three times for noise complaints.

Complaining is what Alec Baldwin likes to do, he had made the case for a crackdown on the paparazzi on November 16, complaining that they block streets, make life miserable for him and his neighbors, come dangerously close to injuring his wife and let’s not forget, bait him into epic tantrums. He has threatened to quit acting, to make his family safe and callsAmerica’s obsession with the private life of celebrities tragic and misplaced.

News flash; it goes with the territory. While Alec Baldwin doesn’t tell his fans what he’s doing “moment to moment” on social media sites, he still has the paparazzi following him because of the interest of his rants and stalker in court. Remember his voicemail to his daughter back in 2007? Sounds like someone needs to take some anger management classes.

Rose’s Scoop: Lauryn Hill who was released from federal prison in October after serving three months for tax evasion will be performing on Thanksgiving eve on Wednesday, November 27 at Bowery Ballroom in New York.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

By Rose Quintiliano