HELLO AMERICA!—If you believed that “Love Story” would end the collaboration of Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal you would be terribly shortsighted.  The first supported indication of that was their remarkable and moving appearance in “Love Letters” on Broadway in 2014.

Producer Michael Plaster caught their magical appearance as quite loving and memorable. “The audience gave them a standing ovation, it was quite moving,” he noted.

It has recently come to our attention that the acting bug did its duty because immediately following their appearance in New York, they received a script which will thrust them again in the hearts of their many fans who have hungered for years for their return to the screen.

When I called my old friend Ryan O’Neal, he simply laughed and yelled, “How in hell do you hear about these things, guy?”  I quickly responded, “Well, as our old pal Hedda Hopper would ask, is it true?  Are you and Ali considering a return to the big screen?”

There was a dangerous silence for a few seconds and then Ryan said: “I can only tell you this. There is a script we are reading.  It’s quite a difference one from that of Love Story and it will suit the kind of people we are now as far as age, experience and current social attitudes. It will be, if we decide to run with it, a fast moving, breath-taking film experience. Of course, after working together in “Love Letters,” it really wetted our desire to go before the camera again and make things happen.”

Ryan admitted since the last time we met which was at his beautiful house party behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, his life has had many twists and turns.

“Of course, you above all people know that about my personal life changes which involved deaths, my kids as well as health considerations. You know, the things that challenge you as one gets older. It’s scary as hell but what can you do but deal as best you can.”

The actor noted that his dear friend and some-time confidant Al MacGraw who he declared was absolutely brilliant in “Love Letters” with him, feels the same way as he does about another try in front of the camera. “That lady,” he laughed, “has developed into quite an actress.  She is definitely a force to deal with weather on stage or before the camera. Ali is quite an accomplished actor who knows how to make you believe everything she says when confronting a performing challenge.  Should we decide to take on another film project, I believe she will garner a new generation of delighted fans.”

Even though the excitement was quite evident, Ryan declared that there are still things to work out concerning schedules, Ali’s availability as well as their physical readiness to deal with all the respective character demands. “These are things,” he reminded, “that time itself forces one to be realistically aware of, that’s the bottom line.”