HOLLYWOOD—It was bound to happen, but even I as a loyal viewer did not expect the powers to be at “General Hospital” to shake-up the relationship between Drew and Sam. Fans know the duo as Killy (Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco), whereas those of us who religiously watch the show, know the supercouple of JaSam. This is a very interesting twist, because a few weeks ago I expected Sam’s confession to Jason about how she truly felt would have some ripple effects. After weeks of battling her feelings, Sam confessed to Drew her feelings, and he was not a happy camper to say the least.

The revelation left Drew speechless, angry and saddened to say the least. As a result, he decided to walk out on his wife, but he also took off his wedding ring as well! I mean his world was turned upside thinking he was someone, who turned out to be his twin brother he had no idea about. Yeah, Drew has lost a lot in his life, and so has Jason, but I can’t help, but feel more sad for Drew. It seems everyone who was on his side abandoned him when the real Jason returned to Port Charles.

Sam is indeed in a tough pickle because she is in love with two brothers, who she shares an extensive past with both. I mean she has children with both Jason and Drew, so that makes a complicated situation even more complicated. One would think, after Sam and Liz went to such lengths to rescue Drew and Franco from Jim Harvey’s clutches it would deepen the bonds of their respective lovers, that does not seem to be the case.

It doesn’t help when you have someone like Carly constantly interjecting herself into other people’s personal lives, when she should be focused on Nelle who has a devious plan in store for her enemy. Yes, I suspected this when I first saw that phone number Nelle dialed that she would utilize Morgan’s death as a way to unhinge Carly. She has now gone a bit deeper by using a scarf that Carly gave her son, making it bloody and burnt as a reminder that maybe Morgan isn’t so dead after all people. Carly isn’t crazy, but she sure is starting to think so with the recent turn of events.

There another complicated situation in play between Alexis, Finn and Anna. I thought Anna and Finn was over, but it seems Anna has lingering feelings for the guy, just as Alexis is doing her best to convince Julian and herself that Finn is the guy for her. Um Alexis, he is not, and I think you might be headed for heartbreak once again, but Finn isn’t helping by leading the charade on. Wow, Julian sure moved on quickly from Alexis by jumping into the sack with Kim, who might be looking to rekindle that magic with Drew once she learns him and Sam are no more.

Peter is still alluding behind the scenes as Heinrik, but with Griffin running a DNA test, Anna looking deeper for details, and Spinelli developing a plan where he and Jason may be able to get their hands on that security box Faison left with the identity of his other son, the jig might be up. Gotta say Spinelli’s plan seems genius because it’s so simple, why the hell hadn’t anyone thought of it sooner? I’m seriously hoping this ‘secret’ doesn’t get dragged out for the next several weeks. I can already see where things are going with Maxie and Peter. She falls for the secret brother, who she has no idea led to Nathan’s demise, but Nina is persistent when she gets a hunch, but surprise it was Griffin, who learned the news first: Peter is CESAR FAISON’S SON! Now, what will he do with that information is the question of the hour?

To be honest I think this whole Jim Harvey subplot was a complete letdown. I mean it’s so obvious that Jim was responsible for Drew taking a tumble as a child, not Franco, and having Betsy back into the mix means little to nothing if you ask me. I hate buildups that fail to deliver for the audience. I secretly think the writers know it, but go with it anyone knowing the viewers will not be 100 percent pleased with the result. Sonny wanted to utilize Andre as a way to help Mike battle his Alzheimer’s disease. I mean we’ve seen crazier things on “GH” so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Dr. Maddox might work his magic to implement a miracle.

However, the week wouldn’t be explosive without a fist fight, because Drew and Jason finally came to blows over Sam this week and I think it’s something viewers have been waiting to see for a very long time and the battle did not disappoint. I mean if Sam was torn before she really is torn now and Drew’s spiraling behavior can only mean one thing: he’s going to do something he’ll regret. With “GH” celebrating its 55th anniversary, the Nurses Ball right around the corner and May Sweeps slowly approaching the drama is reaching a feverish pitch!