HOLLYWOOD—Last week fans were stunned that Will Horton became the latest victim of the Necktie Killer aka Ben Weston. Kudos go to Robert Scott Wilson, who is definitely delivering top-notch acting, and worthy of an Emmy nomination in the near future. Will’s death left the town of Salem stunned, Gabi was left with the horror of finding Will’s body, just as Hope and Rafe stumbled onto the shocking discovery.

In swoops Sami (Alison Sweeney), who has been MIA for a little over a year on the soap. It was a welcome burst of energy to have Sweeney back on the soap. This is a character that is hard to describe, and in my opinion is irreplaceable in the soap arena. Some characters can be recast, Sami, not so much. She roared into town on warpath after discovering her first born had been murdered. She was angry, full of rage, sadness and a ton of other emotions. I mean it was a year ago that her beloved EJ was murdered. Talk about dealing with too much at once. If Sweeney doesn’t warrant another Emmy nomination for her work this past week in Salem, it will be an absolute travesty in my opinion.

As Salem came to grips with the fact that anyone can be killed at a given time, it left them unnerved. Watching the residents of Salem come to terms with Will’s death was beyond heart-breaking and tugged on the emotional heartstrings in impossible ways. Lucas, Hope, Rafe, Marlena, Kayla, Victor, Maggie, Sonny, Abigail, John, Roman, Gabi, I mean Will Horton was connected to so many people in Salem the ramifications of his death will be felt for months to come.

To see Sami defend Chad should resonate with the rest of Salem that they should look closer. Seeing Sami come to grips with Will’s death after visiting his apartment was riveting. Not to mention her decision to attempt to murder Chad after letting her emotions explode.

Salem is a very dangerous place to live right now. Ben slowly begin to unravel as keeping the secret that he was behind Will’s murder was written all over his face, especially once Chad discovered the truth. Yep, Chad figured out who had been setting him up and it was a confrontation that didn’t end well. Ben beat Chad to a pulp, so much to the point that he put his nemesis in a COMA! Rafe and Hope both begin to realize something wasn’t adding up, and Salem’s newest detective had his instincts hone in on Ben

Yep, just as Chad unlocked the truth, he won’t be able to speak about it. How convenient? This created further tension in the town as Sami went on a tirade seeking vengeance; so much to the point that she attempted to murder a comatose Chad! Stefano was left reeling with the news. I mean he’s virtually lost all of his kids. First Lexie, then EJ, then Kristen; all he has left is Chad and Andre who has returned from the dead. He ripped into Abigail in a way that hopefully will shine a light that her fiancé Ben isn’t who she thinks he is.

John and Steve continued to decipher clues to help them locate Bo. What’s even crazier is the fact that Caroline’s premonitions are eerily connected to the location of her son’s whereabouts. With Bo escaping the clutches of his captors, it’s only a matter of time before he makes his long-expected return to Salem. Aiden also got an offer that he couldn’t refuse from Andre, but had no interest in being indebted to the DiMera clan. The fact that he considered Hope’s life insurance policy gave me the suspicion that he might attack his fiancée and point the finger on the Necktie killer!

If October is this fascinating on “Days of Our Lives,” just imagine what chaos will be unleashed during November sweeps!