SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco 49ers are being sued for failure to provide adequate security measures to protect patrons of drunken fans. In an incident that occurred last year, two cousins, Kiran and Amish Patel, attended a San Francisco 49ers game on October 5, 2014, and were beaten in the Levi’s Stadium restroom by intoxicated brothers, Amador Rebollero, 28, and Dario Rebollero, 35, just before the kickoff against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Patels are season ticket holders, and have decided to sue the San Francisco 49ers and the City of Santa Clara’s Stadium Authority for failing to take measures of security to prevent drunken violence during football games. The Patels stated that there was no indication they were entering a potentially violent situation from attending a game, and that the lack of security efforts created an unreasonable risk of injury.

Kiran had been beaten so severely, that he endured a traumatic brain injury. The cousins are claiming inadequate security to protect patrons from violent fans. The Patels’ attorney, William Smith, stated: “The environment of the 49ers attracts a bad crowd. People get drunk in the parking lot and come into the stadium acting aggressively. You shouldn’t go to the bathroom and come back with a brain injury.” 

The incident initiated when Kiran Patel nudged Amador in an effort to notify him that the stall in front of him was open. Amador and his brother then began attacking the men, according to the Santa Clara Police Department. The was captured on video and posted on YouTube, and showed Kiran being punched, and falling head-first onto the floor. The video then showed the brothers attacking Amish and punching his head. The video was later removed for violating the site’s policy against “shocking and disgusting content.”

According to Smith, both cousins were hospitalized for several weeks. Kiran underwent surgery due to internal bleeding in his brain, part of his skull was removed in order to relieve swelling. Kiran is still recovering from his head injury, one year after the incident. The amount in damages in which the Patels are seeking has not been publicly disclosed.

According to Smith, the Rebolleros are affiliated with a gang. Smith claims security should have been able to recognize their display of gang colors and exposed tattoos. Amador has pleaded no contest to two felony assault charges, and has been sentenced to five years in state prison. Dario Rebiller pleaded no contest to one felony assault charge and received 30 days in county jail and three years of probation.

Santa Clara city officials are considering possible options for dealing with stadium violence, including potentially enforcing stricter limits with alcohol consumption during games.