SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco dentist Jerome Weitz, 63, was arrested by the Narcotic Borough Manhattan North, in Yonkers, New York. 

Weitz has been accused of running a cross-country drug smuggling operation. At the time of arrest on Wednesday, October 28, Weitz was allegedly in possession of more than $10,000 cash, and en route to receive payment for a substantial shipment of marijuana.

Weitz has been is the founder and leader of Mission Dental Health in San Francisco since 1975, a practice that prides itself on promoting a pot-head friendly environment, and encourages smokers to see their dentists more regularly as a precautionary step to prevent gum disease.

As of Thursday, October 29, Weitz is being held in the New York City jail for criminal charges, and is on $75,000 bail. Approximately 10 pounds of marijuana was confiscated in 11 vacuum-sealed bags as a result of the bust. 

According to New York police officers, on Wednesday afternoon, Weitz became the target of the New York City police after a man named Rodolfo Bastardo was arrested for possession of marijuana in his employee locker. Additionally, a man by the name of Douglas Caraballo was allegedly connected to Bastardo from a prior drug deal discovered by undercover officers. Both men were arrested on Wednesday afternoon, which led them to Weitz.

According to court documents, police discovered a series of text conversations between Caraballo and Weitz that discussed details of payment and hand-offs in Yonkers. Weitz was taken into custody after being discovered with over $4,000 cash on hand and $6,800 in a briefcase.

Investigators believe that Weitz was taking over his son Joshua Weitz’s medical marijuana operation in California, and had either taken over or created a transportation business between California and New York. Weitz’s son had pleaded guilty to marijuana sales at the time of arrest in June, and is currently serving a year-long jail sentence.