SAN FRANCISCO—A recent Bloomberg survey named San Francisco hotels the most expensive in the world, with an average price of $397 a night.

To gather the data, Bloomberg calculated hotel rates in 100 financial centers for two adults in a double-occupancy room. To account for holiday, promotional and convention-related pricing, rates were taken in May and averaged between two periods of time: August 1 to 10, 2015 and February 1 to 10, 2016.

According to this methodology, San Francisco’s hotel prices jumped 88 percent from 2014, taking the top spot from Geneva, where the average price per night was $292.

The Hotel Council of San Francisco disputes Bloomberg’s results.

In addition to questioning the methodology, the Hotel Council argues that the results are skewed. One of the random blocks of time Bloomberg used to calculate room rates included “next year’s San Francisco-hosted iconic 50th Super Bowl week, a once-in-a-lifetime event.”

“The Bloomberg story at best is an aberration and at worst misrepresents true room prices, doing a disservice to consumers either way,” said Chris Kraus, Managing Directior of PKF Consulting USA, in a press release.

PKF Consulting USA, a hospitality research company, projects an annual Average Daily Rate for San Francisco of $255. The annual ADR represents the average annual room rate over the course of a year, and is the accepted standard of hotel rate comparison worldwide.

Kevin Carroll, executive director of the Hotel Council of San Francisco, said, “Members of San Francisco’s hospitality community accommodate a full range of visitors’ travel budgets, whether they are here to enjoy the beauty of the Bay or attend a business convention. The millions of visitors who stay in our hotels every year enjoy the best rooms at the best prices.”