San Francisco Looks To Score 2024 Olympics

San Francisco hopes to own its own part of Olympic history.

SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco is one of four finalist cities considered for the 2024 Olympic Games.

In preparation for December’s meeting of the a International Olympic Committee, a group of San Francisco business and city leaders are responsible for providing a viable argument for City’s capacity to host the games.

The group is led by San Francisco Giants CEO and President Larry Baer, entrepreneur Steve Strandberg, and Olympic Gold Medalist Anne Warner Cribbs.

The city’s argument is bolstered by an array of new and renovated sporting venues throughout the Bay Area, including Levi’s Stadium, University of California-Berkley, Stanford, and the new arena for the Golden State Warriors.

Among U.S. cities, San Francisco is in competition with Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington D.C. The International Olympic Committee will officially decide the site of the 2024 Olympic games in 2017.