SAN FRANCISCO—The yellow tier, the least restrictive tier in pandemic operations begins in San Francisco on Thursday, May 6. San Francisco is the first county in the Bay Area to implement such COVID-19 protocols. 

The California Health Department issued new guidelines for business, schools and community events. Some changes include an up to 50 percent capacity of people for indoor activities such as restaurants, movie theaters, offices, gyms and places of worship. 

Bars are limited to 25 percent capacity, while theme parks are at 35 percent capacity. Schools can resume in-person instruction five days out of the purple tier. 

These changes come as Californians’ vaccination rates increase. According to San Francisco government data, over 70 percent of the population in the county has received one dose of the vaccine and about 50 percent is fully vaccinated. 

There are four tiers of COVID-19 spread: yellow, orange, red and purple. Yellow indicates very little spread, while purple means there is widespread transmission occurring in the county. The yellow tier allows for more flexible protocols such as businesses reopening indoor operations while continuing social distancing practices and mask-wearing. 

This yellow tier also indicates that there are less than two daily cases per 100,000.  For more information and updates, visit