SAN FRANCISCO—The city is making efforts to save classes for older adults and adults with disabilities that is offered through the City College of San Francisco (CCSF).

CCSF is hosting the Older Adults Program that contracts with senior living facilities and communities. The courses provide activities such as physical fitness, music appreciation, art and language arts. The CCSF recently made cuts in courses and faculty due to financial deficits. 

The Older Adults Program is partially resourced by The Dignity Fund. The fund was passed by voters in 2016 to help support older adults and adults with disabilities prosper during their later years. With the help of The Dignity Fund, approximately $216,000 will annually fund the classes. A total of 17 classes will be available at 13 sites that will reach up to 1,000 students. 

“Not only are older adults San Francisco’s fastest growing age group, but they are living longer lives with more opportunities to remain engaged and active. These classes help keep older residents involved in their community, but also benefit our City as well, by allowing us to draw on their experience, insight and knowledge” said Shireen McSpadden, Executive Director of the Department of Disability and Aging Services in a statement. 

According to a statement, most participants enrolled in these courses come from low-income areas and are non-native English speakers.