SAN FRANCISCO―Construction of the Salesforce Tower will be one of the newest additions to the San Francisco skyline. The tower is expected to be completed by 2017. The Salesforce Tower stand 1,070 feet high.

On Thursday, December 8, an opening ceremony was held for a mixed-use tower, located on First Street. The Oceanwide Center is a 910 foot structure, which will include a second tower and a plaza.

The second tower, a hotel, stands 625 feet tall. A 50-foot tower will be attached to a collection of offices and condominiums at 181 Fremont Street next week in San Francisco. The extension will make 181 Fremont Street, the new runner-up to the Transamerica Pyramid.

The new additions to the downtown San Francisco district have been in the process for over 10 years. Height limits were raised for the city of San Francisco, when additional funding was needed to upgrade the Transbay Transit Center.