SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Fire Department Training Lieutenant Tyson Yee was selected out of 5,000 statewide instructors, as one of three finalists for the Ed Bent Training Excellence Award. The award will be issued to the Outstanding Fire Instructor of the Year, the San Francisco Fire Department announced on Tuesday, December 6

Yee has taught over 18 academies at the City College of San Francisco, including courses in the Fire Science Technology department. He has instructed the 112th, 113th, 114th, 115th and 116th recruit classes for the SFFD, as well as the 119th and 120th recruit classes. He has educated more than 20 percent (300 out of 1,500) of the SFFD’s staff and is currently the main instructor for the 121st recruit academy.

“Tyson is a phenomenal instructor, passionate, knowledgeable and in possession of an exemplary work ethic. Leading by example, Tyson completes every single push-up alongside his subordinates”, said Division of Training ADC/Jeff Columbini.

Yee completed a state certified class for the first “Firefighter Survival” component of the SFFD’s recruit academy. He has served as a primary instructor in the program, and will continue to instruct courses for CCSF students and SFFD firefighters.