HOLLYWOOD—People wearing fake masks is driving me crazy on “Days of Our Lives.” I mean Kristen DiMera and so many others have used faces from people presumed dead or very much alive to attempt to pull a coup on characters who are too stupid to realize, you’re NOT the same size, not the same height, body type is completely different and so much more.

‘Sarah Horton’ made her return to Salem this week, but only it was NOT Sarah it was Ava and Gwen posing as Sarah courtesy of Kristen DiMera. Yeah, try to make this make sense to me people. Gwen was scared to death of the notion of portraying a woman she never met and she wasn’t convincing Maggie that well, Xander was buying the story to a point, but the dark horse was Abigail. Why? She knows ‘Sarah’ is not Sarah and it is just a matter of time before Gwen gets exposed for all her lies, as does Ava who is truly embracing her dark side and quest to make Rafe and Nicole pay for betraying her.

Brady sent Steve to locate Kristen to discover if she framed him for Philip’s murder. She did not America. With Kayla’s help, he found her, but she has NOTHING to do with Philip’s disappearance, but everything to do with Sarah’s which Abigail and Xander have connected the dots to.

Xander is in for a major bomb when the truth comes out, more than ever when he learns that Gwen and Ava knew all along and kept their lips shut because Kristen threatened to exposes them if they didn’t help her. Speaking of Ava, what in the hell is this woman thinking. You’re trying to frame the Police Commissioner, who also happens to be your lover. Ava is either stupid or just ballsy as hell! I’m going to lean with stupid here. Rafe already suspects you of being guilty, but is keeping his mouth mum as he searches for the evidence people. The problem is Nicole and Rafe still have no idea that Ava knows they slept together and is on a warpath to make them pay for betraying her trust.

Ok, I truly thought the Devil possessing Marlena Evans was fun, but it seems that the Devil possessing Johnny DiMera is a hoot on “Days of Our Lives.” Why? His deeds are wicked and seem to be causing more fractures than one can imagine. For starters, Johnny made a public spectacle of his relationship with Chanel in front of their parents letting her know he did want to be married to her.

It left Chanel, bewildered and confused, and she turned to a former flame Allie. Yes, Allie and Chanel took their relationship to new heights and now that the damage is done there is no turning back people, especially considering Paulina witnessed it all. The question now remains rather Paulina will keep her mouth shut or not people. That is the least of Johnny’s issues because he has already muted Susan Banks who is well aware that Johnny is possessed by the Devil. He ushered her out of town, and then manipulated Chad on the witness stand and then utilized a doppelganger to kiss Abigail causing more friction pushing Chad to lie on the stand versus telling the truth. Yeah, Chad knows that Lucas was the person who kidnapped Sami and framed EJ.

EJ knows it as well, but the problem is he doesn’t have the proof to exonerate himself. As a result he erupted in the courtroom, just as Belle was making some serious leeway EJ erupted. EJ look closer because the person who is sabotaging your case is Johnny buddy. The Devil is still after Ciara and Ben’s baby, but where EJ falls within this I have no clue people. Kate you have two sons who are both facing jail time when the truth comes out. Philip faked his death, and Lucas kidnapped a woman and then lied on the witness stand about it people. Oh, Kate you’re an accomplice for both of those crimes.

One more tidbit about Johnny of noting is his sudden interest in Gabi Hernandez of all people. Yeah, Jake spotted that and it seems Gabi is going to use Johnny as leverage in her plan to secure power of Titan from Victor Kiriakis. Gabi might be literally be playing with fire and it’s going to burn if she discovers what is truly going on.