Scherrie Payne Even More Supreme Fishing


HELLO AMERICA!—Usually when the Payne sisters (Scherrie and Freda) leave Hollywood they are heading for Europe or some other exotic trip to shake hands with their many fans over the years.  This time they landed in Indian Shores, Florida which is off of Tampa.

Scherrie who is applauded throughout Europe for her shows which includes music from the past as well as some of the hits of today claims she simply needed the rest. “Both Freda and I,” she said, “love to travel and meet new people, especially those who enjoy our kind of music. We found that people are hungry to hear the lyrics which mean something personally to them or their lives. We’ve had people come up after a show with tears in their eyes because a song took them back when they graduated from college or when they got married or reminded them of a parent who had passed. Music is a powerful force. I know that Freda feels the same way and we both feel it’s something we were born to do and it keeps us energized.”

Speaking of being energized, Scherrie was excited about her fishing experience in Florida. “First of all,” she noted, “it is so liberating being out there on the water away from all the sounds and smells of the city. You’re able to put aside a schedule of rehearsals, photo appointments and arranging appearances from city to city and all the rest of it when you’re an entertainer.”  The singer was very eager to exclaim about her 25 pound Grouper catch.

“Unfortunately,” she quickly said, “the fish had to be thrown back in because they are not allowed until July 1st. There are very strict laws in Indian Shores. However, we were also fishing about 18 miles off the coast in the Atlantic. And I caught fantastic Red Grouper fish. And later, a restaurant grilled them for our dinner party. The rest is being shipped to Los angles for some more good-eating. I caught the most and the biggest! Yea, for me! Then Freda and our hostess, Eva all had a blast!”

The best news some of us have heard so far is about the possible shakeup of the “American Idol” judging panel. First of all, Randy Jackson who is an utter embarrassment to everybody in the way he generally addresses the performing talent using phrases like “dawg and yo” as if he was some kid on the streets of the ghetto. He definitely is not a good example for young people who hunger and work so hard in school for respect. Since he has finally acknowledged that he is leaving the show, better news could not have been had.

Then there is Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey who made it well known that they couldn’t stand each other. I must admit that at the beginning it was fun to watch them go off on each other but after a while, their personal barbs again each other made one uncomfortable. Most of this feeling stemmed from Nicki Minaj who seemed to be always ready for some kind of verbal battle. Generally, she comes across as a resentful, envious and angry young lady who hungers to be the only diva worth respecting. She had better take advantage of the fifteen minutes of fame she enjoys currently because it is short-lived, especially in the entertainment business.  Rumor has it producers of the show would love to have a panel of judges consisting of Selena, Pink and Diddy and we are hoping that Keith Urban is included on this list.

By Michael St. John