HOLLLYWOOD─I seriously cannot believe this, we are actually getting another installment in the popular 90s horror franchise “Scream.” Yes, there are still plenty of people wondering if this is a direct sequel, remake or reboot. As a fan of the franchise and the horror genre at large, even I cannot answer that question. What I can tell you is that David Arquette has been confirmed to reprise his role as Dewey Riley as announced on Monday, May 18. This is in addition to interviews where actress Neve Campbell has indicated discussions have taken place about her potential involvement in the upcoming film.

Campbell has NOT been confirmed to resume her role as Sidney Prescott people, but Arquette’s return to the franchise makes one wonder if Courteney Cox is also in talks to reprise her villainous role as Gale Weathers to the franchise. I really hope so, these three are crucial to the franchise, but I will admit I think if we’re bringing these iconic characters back its time to place their lives at risk in ways the franchise has never done before. I mean out of Dewey, Gale and Sidney, Dewey has literally had the most brush-ins with death and lived to talk about it. Its time for one of our three survivors, if not two or all three of them to meet the Grim Reaper people! I mean you can only survive a bloodbath so many times right?

It just doesn’t work that great in the horror genre to see iconic characters live to the end of every single installment in the franchise. The biggest thing this news delivers to fans is that in some sort of fashion Dewey and potentially Sidney must play a big role in the narrative. The last installment in the franchise, “Scream 4” was released in 2011 and it was not a major hit at the box-office. Solid story, nothing game-changing, but its take on the latest trend in horror was well worth it which begs the question what will be the new rules for this entry. Are we looking at a meta-narrative? Will the next entry deliver an explanation of new rules or could we see the same ole with some old faces and new faces at the same time people?

Can you believe that “Scream” which was released in 1996, will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021? Sounds like perfect timing for a new movie. The iconic Ghostface, those menacing telephone calls, the self-referential humor? Could the movie that rebirthed the horror genre from death, get the opportunity to do it again? Cause let’s be honest horror has been DOA in my opinion in recent years, yes the 2018 reboot/sequel of John Carpenter’s 1978 classic was fun, but still missing that suspense when it comes to horror.

Wes Craven who helmed the franchise, will not have his touch on this latest flick, with the iconic director dying in 2015, but original “Scream” scriber Kevin Williamson will serve as an executive producer, while “Ready or Not” alums Mat Bettinelli-Olphin and Tyler Gillett are slated to direct the flick. Time will tell what will happen, but I’m sure good news is headed our way in the coming weeks.