HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Scream Queens” ended with two climatic shockers: Wes is the father of Boone and Gigi is dead! Yep, Boone is the brother of Grace, and our killer is the only person who is committing crimes at this point. This week’s episode ‘Black Friday’ saw the sisters seeking to pin the murder spree on Dean Munsch.

The sisters found themselves trapped inside the mall while they did a bit of holiday shopping courtesy of the Red Devil killer. In the midst of the chaos, Chanel found herself taking an injury to the arm courtesy of the killer who shot her with an arrow. The beautiful Chanel has been graced with a sling.

There was a bit of a division in the KKT house as Grace found herself booted from the compound. Wow, even Zayday wasn’t willing to go along with Grace’s plan to not murder Dean Munsch. Surprise, surprise, Pete has been working side-by-side with Wes. Something is telling me that Pete might be that masked Red Devil who has been causing chaos all across campus. Pete deciphered evidence that presented a possible motive to Grace and Wes to solve the big mystery.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Hester really didn’t die when she was pushed down the stairs? The sisters put their plan into action with the cryogenic sauna that saw Dean Munsch pull a fast one on the ladies, as she was very much alive. Pete had an intense conversation with someone over the phone, and made threats. So if Pete is not the killer, he is indeed working for a big bad that I’m dying to figure out. So precisely what is the reporter hiding from the rest of the world? Well, well, that Red Devil costume re-emerged from his closet.

Chanel questioned the sisters about how it was possible for Dean Munsch to survive such frigid temperatures, and got a bunch of insipid answers that made absolutely no sense. Hester shared one of her crazed stories that left all of the sisters rattled. Chanel devised another plan utilizing smart phones as a tactic to drown Dean Munsch in the pool. Chanel, maybe you should consider the fact that the Dean is not the killer. Chanel placed herself in a sticky situation; her sisters were nowhere to be found as she confronted Dean Munsch, who left Chanel unnerved. Wait, is Dean Munsch about to kill Chanel? Things worked out in Chanel’s favor, as a moment that screamed death, spared her life.

Grace paid Pete a visit and was slightly surprised to see Pete pack-up and ready to bolt. Ok, did the writers just reveal that the mastermind behind the killings is Pete or Grace? She sure seemed driven to get Pete into bed, but he refused. Instead he dropped a bombshell on his girlfriend by revealing that he is a murderer! Ok, so now things are becoming quite interesting to say the least. Next week marks the season finale of “Scream Queens” which raises the question we all want answered: who is the mastermind behind the mask.

Hmm, my finger has things pointed at Pete, but now my sanity is making me question the possibility that perhaps, perhaps Grace or even Chanel may be more twisted in the mind than I suspect. Until next Tuesday’s wicked finale “Scream Queens” die-hards!