Sean Stewart Hollywood Natural!

Sean Stewart

HELLO AMERICA!—Usually it is the actor who lives a life of drama that attracts millions of fans. For example high-powered actors like Jimmy Cagney and George Raft were idols of millions of young film-goers and they never let you down at a Saturday matinee. Now we have Sean Stewart a young actor fromTexaswho will rock your world with his James Bondish persona. He is starring in a Michael Plaster group of videos all about Life and Survival. The time spent with Sean Stewart was fascinating.

MSJ: When you were a kid, what did the world look like to you?

SS: As a kid I was naive, yet vaguely aware of the possibility that life would inevitably steal my innocence. As a child the world looked like an exciting and equally terrifying place.

MSJ: Did you have any film heroes as a youngster and if so, who were they?

SS: As a youngster I had several, although the bank robbing Patrick Swayze in the movie “Point Break” was probably my favorite. His intense struggle to balance the chaos of extreme criminal behavior with his Zen like spirituality. My favorite line in the movie was “We stand for something, for those dead souls inching down the freeway in their metal coffins; we show them that the human spirit is still alive.”

MSJ: What kind of movies did you like most and why?

SS: Anything that inspired me. I need motivation from every direction. Movies and music alike always had the ability to do that for me.

MSJ: As aTexasteenager, did you have thoughts of coming toHollywoodand possibly becoming an actor, if not what were your boyhood dreams if any?

SS: I never aspired to be an actor; in fact I never considered living inHollywooduntil earlier this year. I’ve been on the West Coast for a couple of years now;Hollywoodseemed like a good fit for me. I was at a coffee shop the other morning where I met a woman that was a vampire, she had inch and half long fangs, 20 minutes later she was sending me naked pictures of herself. I like the freak show of everyday life here. Although, as a young boy I actually wanted to be pharmacist.

MSJ: Since you’ve been working on a film with producer Michael Plaster, do you believe there’s a place for you in the business?

SS: I don’t know if there is a place for me in this business, I’m not much for politics. I would venture to say that most don’t understand my obscure sense of humor. Michael Plaster and I are actually working on three separate documentaries, none of which are for the masses. Our projects are extremely controversial, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

MSJ: What have you learned since experiencing certain life’s realities?

SS: I’ve learned to come to terms with the mistakes that I’ve made. Although I’m not comfortable with embracing my past, I could never deny it; it’s very much a part of me and who I am.

MSJ: What kind of person have you become since surviving possibly both the good and bad times in your life so far?

SS: Good or bad, most of my memories represent life experience. I’ve learned to appreciate happiness, even if it is short lived. The way I see it, we’re all just trying to maintain some form of sanity in an insane world.

MSJ: What have you found is the most important thing in your life so far?

SS: I’ve always been able to adapt to virtually any situation, almost immediately. The absolute most important thing to me is to continue to evolve as a human being. Evolve or disappear.

By Michael St. John