Search For Missing Woman At Fort Funston Cliff Suspended


SAN FRANCISCO—Officials with the San Francisco Fire Department suspended their search for a woman who went missing while walking a cliff near Fort Funstone on Friday, February 22. A portion of the cliff, gave away burying both women underneath.

One of the women was rescued by bystanders, but the other woman was not found. The name of the victim who was rescued has not been identified, but suffered minor injuries that were not life threatening. The SFFD utilized a K9 dog to help search for the women trapped under the debris, which lasted roughly three hours.

The SFFD tweeted, “One of our fire inspectors and USAR K9 handler are assisting with the rescue at Fort Funston… hoping for a good outcome.”

Rescuers used shovels, digging through debris in an attempt to located the victim, but the search was later called off and turned into a recovery attempt.

San Francisco Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White, spoke with NBC Bay Area reporters about the incident.

“Crews made a very valiant attempt at saving this young woman’s life. It hurts, it’s tough,” said Hayes-White. “We train to save lives and something like this today is difficult for us.”

Fort Funston, is located 200 feet above the San Francisco beach and is protected by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was once covered in sand dunes and was once a former harbor defense installation.

Search For Missing Woman At Fort Funston Cliff Suspended was originally published on San Francisco News