HOLLYWOOD—Exactly what are Carly and Drew thinking on “General Hospital.” I have never witnessed two characters more frustrating in my life. Look, I love Laura Wright as an actress and she’s one of my favorite Carly’s next to Tamara Braun. However, the way the writers are crafting her character now, she’s so damn unlikeable and its feels like it will only get worse.

Can Carly and Drew not put their brains together to realize that the person who was out for blood the most was not Ned, it was Nina. It seems Dante and Sam are the only ones close to figuring out the truth, with Brook Lynn as a close second. However, Drew and Carly are looking at another approach to get out of their mess. How so? Utilizing leverage by going after the person who is no fan of them: Tracy Quartermaine. I love a character that doesn’t bite their tongue and Tracy is at the top of the list people. This woman speaks her mind with no apologies.

Drew and Carly committed insider trading; that is a crime and Tracy had no trouble pointing that out, explaining the mess with the SEC is something they created and they need to acknowledge it. They do have something to hold onto considering the fact that Tracy is using Brook Lynn to spy on Deception. If Drew and Carly learn about that detail it works in their favor in a major way people. However, there is another angle to play: Carly turns on Drew or Drew turns on Carly. They are lovers, but guess what: it is not like Drew is Jason Morgan or Sonny Corinthos.

Why? The feds are considering a major angle, Carly turning on Sonny and possibly knocking out a deal. I mean after all the stress that Sonny has put Carly thru, it would be smart for her to make that move, but I do not see that actually taking place people. Sonny shared that news with Nina after speaking with Diane, which shook her a bit. Nina is rattled because she knows that’s her secret (she is the one that tipped off the SEC on Drew and Carly) will ultimately come out. Michael and Josslyn both learned about this and immediately wanted their mother to throw Sonny to the wolves.

That evidence Michael had against his father was very tempting people, and when Carly heard both her her kids say turn on Sonny, alarm bells went off in her head. She realized these two had been up to something. Hmm, I never considered Carly discovering what Michael, Dex and Josslyn have been up to and if that comes out, whew baby it is going to be explosive.

The situation is made worse because Sonny has proposed marriage to Nina who accepted. Carly was not happy to see his former hubby moving towards marriage with her mortal enemy. Rather, Carly likes it or not, Nina will be in her life, but the writers are planning to have this secret come out right when Nina and Sonny are walking down the aisle, which means Nina becomes public enemy #1 all over again. Like c’mon, the writers really need to give Nina a break here. This woman has been thru the ringer and I’m still livid that Carly was NOT FORCED TO FACE THE MUSIC AFTER HIDING THAT NINA WAS WILLOW’S MOTHER FOR OVER A YEAR!

The writers don’t care and it is starting to show. In other news, Willow’s transplant is going well and it makes me question if she will open the door to Nina with a new lease on life. I suspect not and if she does, it will revert once she discovers that Nina tipped the SEC on Carly and Drew, and everyone will act like this could have prevented Drew from rescuing Liesl and saving Willow’s life. FYI, Drew did not save Liesl people, no matter how much the writers try to spin that tale.

Let’s chat about some other Port Charles drama. Jordan and Curtis shared a kiss that he noted must stay secret, just as Portia and Curtis are making baby steps to repair their marriage after that bomb regarding Trina. We are still waiting for the results on rather Trina is Curtis or Taggert’s chld. Like c’mon this bomb dropped in February, why don’t we know who the father is already, well the answer came at last, ITS CURTIS! Portia’s brother is headed back to town, which makes perfect sense after Taggert was delivered that devastating blow.

In addition, Trina and Spencer seem to be slightly blissful, but it is apparent that Spencer will be the person to discover the takedown of Sonny involving Michael, Josslyn and Dex. Spencer just doesn’t like Dex and he has good reason for that assertion. He knows Dex is bad news and Josslyn doesn’t like that Spencer’s instincts are spot on people. Josslyn is realizing as Carly alerted her being entangled with a mobster is not a good thing and if that truth about Dex angling to take Sonny down.

Brook Lynn and Chase reunited after Tracy worked a bit of magic and I was so thrilled to see this. Chase and Brook Lynn have great chemistry and to see these two reunite after months of tension was glorious to witness. Sasha is still in the dark about Gladys using her funds to gamble and keep things under wraps. Gladys’ entanglement with Selina Wu is getting worse by the minute. How? Um, she is now planning to gather Intel on Sonny for Selina. Wait, is Gladys trying to get herself killed because that is what it feels like people and her exposure is coming and she will be iced out as a result. Fun things are happening in Port Charles!