HOLLYWOOD—You can only hide the truth for so long in the soap arena America. Just ask Nicole on “Days of Our Lives.” After that situation involving Gabi, Nicole discovered she was pregnant, but there was just one slight problem: she had no idea whose child she was carrying: EJ or Eric. Well, she asked Anna to stay mum on her bundle of joy, but the secret is now out people, as Tony learned after Anna was speaking a bit too out in the open.

Not only were Kayla, Anna and Tony in the loop, but Nicole’s worst nightmare: Sloan. Yes, that devious lawyer, who I must admit is the BEST ADDITION to the NBC/Peacock soap in years. This character is so fascinating and layered. Sloan and Eric are great as a couple. I know so many of us want Eric and Nicole to reunite, but every time they do, they always fracture. I feel like Sloan and Eric are indeed the real deal, but if that baby turns out to be Eric’s (which I suspect) it will change everything.

We are likely looking at a paternity swap where EJ will be deemed the father, only for viewers to later learn that the paternity test was switched and the child actually belongs to Eric. Who might that culprit be? Not sure, but we don’t have to focus too much on that right at this moment. Sloan is feeling a bit of relief after the drama involving her brother Colin.

Colin wanted Paulina and Chanel’s blood for the role of the death of his mother and the destruction of his parents’ marriage. There was plenty of rooftop danger as well, as the truth about Colin and Talia was exposed as Paulina, Abe, Chanel and Jada got entangled in the mayhem. Abe was hospitalized after he was assaulted by Colin at the bakery. Colin held Paulina at gunpoint, with Chanel begging him to let her go.

Talia intervened and tumbled over the rooftop with Colin. You would think if someone tumbles off a roof that they would be dead. At least that is the case in real life people. Nope, Collin survived, so did Talia and they have found themselves both under arrest people. Jada really didn’t want to cuff her sister, but she is culpable in a series of crimes people, so she has to face the music. The Johnny, Tripp and Wendy love triangle seems to be never-ending. Wendy has stronger chemistry with Tripp, but for some reason the writers continue to dangle this carrot that Johnny might be her destiny. At this point, I don’t care.

Chloe and Xander are living together and they are getting closer, they even shared a kiss people. Gwen is jealous because Xander has appointed Chloe as part of the sales division at The Spectator. Yeah, Gwen and Xander are over, and she’s hoping to commiserate over her failed relationship with Alex, but Alex is getting closer to Stephanie, who just happens to be with Chad. The same thing Alex was doing when he tried to woo Stephanie, Chad is starting to do with his jealous side emerging.

In addition, the DiMera clan just got way larger with the big reveal that Megan is Dimitri’s mother and that means Chad is his uncle. Chad is not pleased a single bit. However, he is not the only DiMera stressed because thanks to Dimitri, Megan Hathaway aka DiMera and Kristen are now free. Wow, just wow, how is it that no DiMera ever pays for their crimes America? Brady was already stressed about Chloe, but with Kristin back in the loop and desperate to reunite with Brady that seems unlikely.

Megan thinks she has a shot with Bo who is in a coma, but girl, let it go. Then you have EJ and Stefan battling for control of the family company. Stefan just proposed to Gabi and her love affair with Li is officially kaput. EJ got on a knee for Nicole, which she was appalled he was proposing simply because his brother did so. Nicole is literally giving EJ every single clue that she might be pregnant and the fact that he can’t figure it out is amazing.

DNA from both EJ and Eric has been a task, with Sloan being able to get a swab of Eric’s DNA while he was sleeping, whereas Nicole was having no luck with EJ, who is busy on business. Paul is worried about Andrew who has been kidnapped and is being held hostage, by a bald man. Just as Kate reunited with Marlena back in Salem. With so many villains back in Salem, it is just a question of who will strike first and what will be the fallout of that strike? Should be a fun time “DOOL” fans!