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Secrets Unravel On “Days Of Our Lives!”

Abe and John were around the first time Marlena was possessed and they'll be around the second time on "Days of Our Lives."

HOLLYWOOD—The Devil is not messing around on “Days of Our Lives” as his plot to possess Marlena Evans is underway and things are getting dicey. Marlena has finally allowed the Devil to possess her and as a result, the only person who seems to sense something is off with Marlena is her hubby, John Black. Unfortunately for John, that spelt major trouble. I must admit it is indeed iconic to have “DOOL” to revisit this captivating storyline all these years later with special effects that are going to be way more iconic this time around than last time.

John ultimately discovered the truth about Marlena and it resulted in him being knocked out cold and being stashed in the one place that everyone seems to hidden, the DiMera tunnels. Johnny should have heeded Allie and Chanel’s advice, but nope. His cast is in place including Abigail, Chad, EJ, Chanel and Allie and it is now resulting in utter chaos as filming is about to get underway people. This brings us to a new development involving Justin, Bonnie, Gwen and Xander’s predicament. Little does Justin and Xander realize that Victor is working behind the scenes to establish a deal with District Attorney Melinda Trask to get them released.

That deal involves the wicked villainess Kristen DiMera. That is right America, Kristen DiMera is back in Salem to cause more havoc. I mean people don’t realize the last time in Salem, Kristen did so much damage, I mean damage that has placed a ton of the chaos currently transpiring in Salem in play. If Kristen hadn’t made move to make Sarah Horton vanish, a lot of the things Xander did, like hooking up with Chanel, sleeping with Nicole, hooking up with Gwen would have never taken place people.

Victor plans to utilize Kristen’s arrest as a way to free Justin and Xander, as for Bonnie and Gwen, he could care less. Which is why Gwen’s predicament is NOT good because Abigail knows her sister is hiding something big and her thinking cap has been activated so much to the point that she is starting to dig to find the truth. When it comes to Kristen only one person knows her whereabouts, EJ, but her decision to come back to Salem and try to see Rachel proved detrimental. Steve and Kayla’s little plan to manipulate EJ

She was spotted by Brady who turned her in to the authorities and let the theatrics play out America. I still cannot believe Nicole and EJ are giving it another go, I cannot wait till Sami returns to the foray and unleashes hell when she discovers her husband and mortal enemy are hooking up. Sami has been gone way too long, so it’s time for her to swoop in and unleash a bit of hell people. There is also the buzz about Rex’s return and a bomb that changes Xander’s world people one involving Sarah’s ‘disappearance’ on her wedding day.

That is not the end of the drama people, romance could be brewing between Kate and Roman again (I always like those two together to begin with). Not to mention Abe was shot courtesy of Jake and a tussle with the Vitali mob family. Damn, its hard to believe James Reynolds has been on the soap for 40 years people! He was celebrated in iconic fashion this week highlighting moments with his great love Lexi Carver-DiMera. Abe pulled through, but that bomb that Paulina is keeping is getting closer and closer to coming out meaning, Lani’s world, and Abe’s with certainty will explode when he learns that Lani is NOT his daughter. Oh, Paulina you are in for a reckoning.

Last, but not least, Jake and Gabi might have some leverage against Philip and Ava now that their plot to expose Jake for murder has backfired. Imagine how Rafe will feel when he learns what Ava did to his little sister. Gabi is no saint people, put she’s still Rafe’s blood, so that is going to destroy their relationship and point him in the direction of Nicole Walker who is eyeing EJ DiMera. Things are about to get messy just in time for November on “Days of Our Lives” people!

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