HOLLYWOOD—I will admit it has been quite some time since we discussed the madness that was taking place on “The Young and the Restless” after the fiasco at Newman Enterprises that never resulted in any deaths as teased. However, the secrets are indeed beginning to unravel in the wake of Adam Newman and Victor Newman both receiving another pop on the wrist.

I mean Adam was indeed responsible for the death of little Delia and as much as one would like to believe that Adam was remorseful, he was just doing all in his power to escape time behind bars.

Well, who comes to the rescue, of course his father, Victor Newman! The guy who is loaded with millions of dollars pulled strings yet again with a judge from his past to keep his devious child from the slammer. That revelation left Billy reeling; I mean can this guy get justice, someway, somehow?

I mean I can’t help, but smile with the revelation that Billy and Phyllis teamed up to reignite the Paragon Project to force Victor to pay for all his sins. I mean both have reasons to want to take down the titan, so does Jack whose forgiving heart is just way too much in my opinion. I’m starting to sense sparks might ignite between these two, and their ability to weed out Ian Ward was genius.

Hate to say this, but Patty and Ian as a duo is one hell of a dangerous combination for all of the residents of Genoa City, especially considering the drive for vengeance is unlike any other. Luckily, Ian was captured, but I’m certain Patty will spring him and chaos will erupt just in time for February sweeps.

The other big bombshell making waves in the soap arena is that Jason Thompson is taking over the role of Billy Abbott on “The Young and the Restless.” The big question everyone wants to know is when Burgess Jenkins will depart and how Thompson will be introduced. Hmm, this is interesting casting news and I suspect Thompson can fill the shoes once portrayed by Billy Miller, but does he have that same swagger Miller has only time will tell.

The other big storyline starting to take shape is the Dr. Anderson, Sharon, Sage, Nick and Dylan saga. Well, the audience knows that Dr. Anderson stole Sage and Nick’s newborn son, Christian, and passed him off to Sharon as her new baby. The problem, Sage has a strong intuition that Sharon’s ‘son’ Sullivan is indeed her child. Slight problem: everyone thinks Sage is going cuckoo. If only Patty arrived to reveal the sordid truth about Dr. Anderson and Sharon’s faux pregnancy.

That baby secret is certain to explode in coming weeks when the truth drops, and with Dr. Anderson getting closer to Nick, Sage is starting to develop a wedge between Chelsea and Adam. Now, that is an interesting twist, Chelsea might have some unexpected competition in Sage. What makes the situation even more complicated is the factoid that Adam is perhaps the father of Sage’s son.

Imagine those fireworks when that secret is announced. To make matters worse, Victor Newman knows the dirty little secret. Wow, Victor has always played dirty, but will he hold this secret over Adam and Nick’s head? I mean Adam knows how cruel Victor can be, but can you imagine how Nick will respond if he discovers that his father knew that his brother was the father to the son he thought was his? Whoa, Victor might finally get a lashing that is long coming and I would enjoy watching every moment of that unfold on the small screen.

Just when the audience suspects that Adam and Victor have turned over a new leaf, all it takes is a little secret to bring out that dark side that always lingers waiting to pounce at the right moment. There is indeed a reason “The Young and the Restless” is the number one show on daytime television.