HOLLYWOOD—Anyone who has ever watched the network Bravo has a pretty good idea of the hit reality show “Million Dollar Listing New York,” which follows several real estate agents in their missions to sell property in the Big Apple. One of the standouts form that series is real estate Ryan Serhant, who has earned himself a new spin-off on the network, “Sell It Like Serhant.” Look, I know what plenty of you are about to say, how can you advocate a series that has only been on the air for two episodes? Well because it’s entertaining as hell.

The show follows Ryan who really is put through the ringer, as he interacts with a bevy of individuals across the country who needs assistance in their professional careers, particularly the sales aspect. Now, some of you might think sales is NOT a part of your day-to-day operations, but news flash, it actually is. I didn’t really understand that aspect until I was pushed into the barrel of sales. Sales is a vital part of every single company, no matter what you think.

Why? It drives business and revenue for most companies. You yourself may not be involved in sales, but there are people within the company that do and if they’re not, that can take a major hit on the company itself when it comes to productivity and staff. This new show doesn’t really take Serhant out of the sales arena, but on a personal note he interacts and really gets to the root of everyday issues we all encounter. It sort of forces you to think about your personal life and things that you have encountered in your day job, rather it is directly correlated with sales or not.

I mean the biggest take away I took from a recent episode about a woman selling memberships for waxing is that embarrassment is a killer. I’ve always been told its 10x harder to sell a product when you have no knowledge about the product. The more you know about your product the easier it is to sell that product. However, as Ryan carefully pointed out with a struggling wine salesman, knowing the product is one thing, but connecting with the client is another thing. Find a commonality and use that to your advantage when it comes to the sale. I am a firm believer you can always turn a ‘No,’ into a ‘Yes,’ but it is all about how you approach the situation, which Ryan depicts very well with the viewer.

This is something I learned as I jumped into the foray of advertising sales nearly a decade ago. I never worked directly in sales, but I did have experience in the retail arena. So I can talk and interact with people, however, I hate the telephone. That was the biggest issue I faced, and it was something that took me a bit of time getting comfortable with. The more I spoke to people over the phone the better I became. Ryan advocates that with the individuals he interacts with. You’re going to fail it’s part of life, but getting back up and trying it again and again helps fine tune the skill to build the confidence to not be afraid to attack the sale (in a polite, not overly aggressive manner).

Now, of course people are going to say it’s a reality show so it’s fixated to have certain things go a specific way. And I completely understand that and that was an issue that popped into my head a few times watching the two episodes that I have seen.  However, I tossed that notion out because I feel like the showing is offering people some sound advance in the world of sales: while not easy, if you are driven to succeed in the industry it all comes down to your ability to overcome your obstacles and really want to be in-tune with the product you sell.

It’s not all about Ryan’s protégé’s, we actually see Ryan share tales of his struggles to reach the success that he has now attained. It did not happen overnight and on top of that nothing was cookie-cutter for this real estate titan. I think that is a special element that bonds the viewer to the series even more; you want to see these people succeed, and at the same time it forces you to analyze a few struggles or things that you could work in on your personal life that are not as strong as you’d like when it comes to selling yourself. Think about it you sell yourself each time you have an interview, when you go on a date, interact with the public, family and so much more. “Sell it Like Serhant” airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Bravo.