SAN FRANCISCO—SF Indie Fest’s annual Documentary Festival will be held from Thursday, September 3 through Sunday, September 20.

The 19th year of the festival was originally slated to kickoff in June. After various re-schedulings for later in the summer, the event will now be held entirely online.

There are two ways to watch this year’s films. By visiting the festival’s website, one can pre-order or select to watch the slated films or purchase a DOCPASS for $150 to binge the festival’s full selection of films.

According to Berkelyside reporter John Seal, this year’s stand-out selection is Hannah Jayanti’s “Truth or Consequences,” which tells a story about a New Mexico town named after a once-popular radio and television quiz show: “Focusing on half-a-dozen locals (all of whom live alone, and all of whom smoke) Truth or Consequences presents its dusty, remote subject as a place out of time – and largely out of sync with contemporary America. All things considered, that makes it seem quite attractive these days, and by the end of the film, I was almost ready to buy an Airstream and plant it in the Land of Enchantment’s arid high desert. Almost.”

The festival is also hosting live Q&As with the filmmakers of their features. The information and links to these events are posted to the organization’s Facebook page.