SAN FRANCISCO—The 19th annual San Francisco Documentary Festival will be held virtually through September 3 thru September 20.

There will be 49 new documentaries from around the world and the Bay Area. According to their film guide, each film is well categorized by using tags, such as features, quirky, subculture, comedy, pop culture, local, shorts, experimental, environment, LGBTQ+, political, foreign, social justice, youth, music, technology, activism, counter-culture, etc.

The festival  provides live-streaming dates with Q&As and other special events to entertain audiences. “Bad Art Gallery S08E02,” a virtual art gallery, and “Filmmaker Feud S01E01,” a game show, will allow visitors to take a break.

Visitors can watch most films stream for $10 or buy DOCPASS ($150) to enjoy all films. Before the festival starts, check out their film guide.