SAN FRANCISCO—Firefighters from the San Francisco Fire Department rescued a raccoon on Sunday, November 8 that was stuck in a tree on 15th Avenue near Santiago Street. 

The SFFD received a 911 call from neighbors who claimed to hear screams and cries in the area. 

After discovering the cries were coming from a raccoon, San Francisco Animal Care and Control responded to the scene and attempted to free the raccoon from the tree. The SFFD was  called to assist in rescuing the animal.

SFFD’s Truck 18 was called to the scene. SFACC first informed the firefighters what to do to calm the raccoon, and the firefighters worked to remove him. 

The animal was wedged between a V split in the tree. After a few minutes, the raccoon was freed. The small animal clutched onto the firefighters arms and would not let go, the SFFD reported. 

Officials named  the raccoon “Freedom” before handing him over to the SFACC. 

“[He] will be released to continue [his] life,” SFPD posted on Twitter. “With a few new friends who will always be there if needed.” 

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