SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco firefighter remains in critical condition after sustaining a head injury on November 2.

The San Francisco Fire Department made the announcement on Sunday, November 8 providing an update via Twitter.

Matthew Vann fell to the ground while responding to a high-rise fire at 55 Spear St.

Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter, a spokesperson for the SFFD told reporters that a MUNI bus from SFMTA drove through the incident operational area after the fire was subsiding. Vann was struck by a hose line that caused him to fall.

Whether these two incidents are connected is being investigated, Baxter noted.

“It is so important to not drive through an active fire scene or over firehose. Someone’s life depends on it,” the SFFD stated.

Vann was transferred to San Francisco General Hospital where he currently remains with friends and loved ones.

Baxter stated that Vann is a “beloved member of [the] department” and has been with the SFFD for six years. He is assigned to Engine 01.

The SFFD will continue to provide updates as Vann recovers and ask for people to keep him in their prayers. These reliable updates can be found on the San Francisco Fire Departments’ Twitter accounts @SFFDPIO and @SFFFLocal789.