SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department is urging the individual who recorded two officers joking about the use of body cameras and police shootings at a San Francisco doughnut shop to come forward.

The unknown individual uploaded the two clips onto Instagram showing the conversation taking place at Happy Donuts, near 24th and Church Streets, earlier this week.

During the recordings, the two officers are overheard discussing what they hope to capture on their body cameras. One of the officers express how he hopes to confront a gunman: “What you want on video is the guy holding the gun still going (inaudible) still pointing at you.”

The officers go on to discuss in graphic detail how they would want to capture “blood splattered everywhere” when the gunman is shot down. Both clips have been reposted on Instagram various times since being originally posted. Parts 1 and 2 of the recordings can be viewed below:

In a press conference, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr expressed his disapproval over the officers’ apparent misconduct in a public setting. “We’re police officers,” Suhr stated in addressing to the media about the incident. “So we’re public figures, we’re expected to maintain a decorum.”

The police chief indicated that an official investigation into the matter has been initiated.

Since the conversation is only presented via segments, the SFPD is determined to get a hold of the full recordings from the person who took them in order to implement appropriate disciplinary action for the two officers. The names of those officers have yet to be released by the department.

As of this year, the SFPD has not required its officers to use body cameras. The idea was first proposed back in 2011, but have yet to be implemented onto the force four years later.

Anyone with information on who recorded the footage is also urged to contact the SFPD at the Internal Affairs Division at (415) 575-5856.