SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, September 22, the San Francisco Opera announced that Matthew Shilvock, 38, will be succeeding David Gockley.

David Gockley
David Gockley.

Gockley is the current general director of the San Francisco Opera and Shilvock currently holds the position of associate general director. Shilvock duties now include overseeing music operations, electronic media, education, and rehearsal departments. He is also serving as interim development director. Shilvock has been with the San Francisco Opera since 2005.

He was born in Kidderminster, England. He studied music performance and history at Oxford University. After completing his studies, he continued his education at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where he obtained his Master’s in Public Administration. Shilvock ended up in Houston in 2003, which is where he first met David Gockley. He worked under Gockley at the Houston Grand Opera until he transferred to the San Francisco Opera in 2005.

Shilvock signed a five-year contract with the San Francisco Opera, but it will not go into effect until August 1, 2016, after Gockley steps down from his position at the end of July. Shilvock will be the seventh general director of the company that started 93 years ago in 1923. The founder and original director of the San Francisco Opera was Gaetano Merola who founded the company.

In a press release, Shilvock stated that he planned on continuing the company’s legacy that is being left behind by Gockley. He hopes to be able to continue commissioning operas and discovering different ways to connect with new audiences, young and old, through the use of streaming performances.

Anything that Shilvock has planned for the San Francisco Opera will not go into effect for another two years. The first year or so of Shilvock’s direction will be under Gockley.