SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Police Commissioner President Suzy Loftus resigned from her position on Tuesday, January 10.

Loftus is leaving her almost five-year position to join the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department as Assistant Chief Legal Counsel for the Law and Policy team.

Loftus’ final meeting with the six remaining members of the commission took place on Wednesday, January 11.

The Police Commission sets police policy and oversees the discipline of officers. The mayor leads the nominations of four members while the Board of Supervisors’ Rules Committee nominates three more. All of the members picked are subject to board confirmation.

Sheriff Vicki Hennessy believed the role combination of Police Commissioner and Assistant Chief Legal Counsel would create conflicts of interest. The San Francisco Police Department has been under high pressure to meet a number of recommended changes from the U.S. Department of Justice.

According to the SFOver the last year, the commission played a big role in the police department’s reform. The San Francisco Police Department’s use-of-force policy has been re-opened following the fatal shooting of Mario Woods in December 2015, prompting the use of body cameras on officers. The commission helped with the selection of San Francisco’s new chief of police, former Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief William Scott.

“I think through the last two years of an incredibly divisive national conversation, we in San Francisco have leaned into the difficult conversations and made decisions to bring us closer together,” Loftus said to the SF Chronicle. “I feel like I’m leaving the commission in a great position to continue the progress we made.”

Loftus, appointed by San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee, was a former city prosecutor who went on to work in the State Attorney General’s Office for Senator Kamala Harris. Since becoming Commission President in 2014, Loftus has earned a reputation for strong beliefs in collaboration and hard work.