Photo courtesy of SF Citizen.

SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, September 16, the San Francisco Police Department make arrests of a San Francisco resident and Daly City resident for the series of robberies called “Short Guy, Tall Guy.” These series of robberies occurred between August 19th  and September 16, 2012, which involved restaurants, phone stores, and even a hot tub store. There were a total of eleven robberies.

“Short Guy, Tall Guy” was named by investigators because of the height disparity between the suspects. One suspect was approximately 5 feet and 6 inches tall while the second suspect was approximately 5 feet and 11 inches tall. According to the SFPD, the suspects entered the businesses near closing time and pretended to be customers. One suspect was a lookout, while the other suspect stole the cell phones of the employees and the money from the register.

Investigators from the Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) developed a crime mapping analysis of the eleven robberies as part of the prevention strategy of Interrupt, Predict and Organize (IPO). IPO department interrupts violent crimes and predicts where revenges may occur. On evening of September 16, CIU Investigators took two suspects into custody on the 1000 block of Market Street. They took the suspects in because the two people matched the description of the suspects of the robberies. Those suspects were Ray Faar, 40, from San Francisco, and Bran Alexander, 48, from Daly City,

Both suspects were booked for robbery of a commercial establishment with a gun and also, conspiracy and possession of stolen property. Alexander, a parolee, was also charged with a parole violation while Faar was also charged with the possession of methamphetamines(central nervous system stimulant drug).

By Jessica Claflin