SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department will be conducting Bike & Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operations in the city on January 20, January 23 and January 31.  SFPD has charted the most violation-prone zones in the region, based on the past 3-year long record of violation incidents.

According to the SFPD website, the violation-prone areas will be heavily patrolled to check for speeding vehicles, illegal turns, failures to stop for signs and signals, failures to yield to pedestrians in cross walks and other dangerous violations.

Extra officers will be on duty on the specified dates to check and penalize  pedestrians who do not yield to drivers that have the right of way. All motorcycle and bike riders will be reminded to wear helmets. Bikers and motorcyclists who are 18 years old or younger are required by law to wear a helmet at all times. The police will ensure that pedestrians use only the marked crosswalks or corners while crossing the street.

Traffic violations in the city have been on a rise due to an increase of non-motorized vehicles on the streets. The safety enforcement operation is sponsored by California’s Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway traffic safety administration.