SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department launched its slate of programs aimed to educate, employ and engage San Francisco youth over the summer on Monday, June 5. According to a press release from the SFPD, the aim of the programs is to foster relationships with the regions young people, while offering access to safe, fun and educational opportunities.

“We want to empower our young people to explore various career paths this summer,” said Chief William Scott. “We’re excited that we are able to collaborate with City agencies, community based organizations and Bay Area businesses to help provide youth with meaningful and productive employment opportunities.”

In partnership with, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and San Francisco Youth Jobs+, the SFPD is expected to employ approximately 300 young people (ages 14 to 18 years old) through four programs:

-The Garden Project: A 10-week paid program that provides youth with land management training that ranges from designing and planting gardens to clearing fire trails in the Sierras. Students this year are eligible for one college credit by participating in a life skills education program at Skyline College.

-Future Grads: Is an eight-week, tech-driven summer intern program in which participants receive a stipend while learning. Guided by corporate mentors, youth engage in real world work environments to complete projects. Several Future Grads have found continued employment with their mentor company after completion of their internship.

-Project Pull & SF YouthWorks: Are paid, eight-week summer internship programs that place promising high school students from diverse San Francisco communities in various city departments. Students are able to explore careers in architecture, business, engineering and science, as a possible path to joining the City’s workforce after graduation.

The SFPD is continuing to partner with community-based organizations and other San Francisco County agencies on educational programs for students:

-Community Safety Initiative (CSI): This collaborative program partners SFPD with Mo’ Magic to offer summer jobs to underserved youth. The goal is to provide young people with an overview of a diverse field of careers. Employment opportunities range from the culinary arts to medicine and law enforcement. CSI includes on the job training, classroom instruction and extends beyond the summer, enabling participants to continue their training up to age 25.

-Youth Career Academy: A six-week program that offers young people a holistic view of the criminal justice system. YCA provides middle and high school students with opportunities to speak to and learn from members of SFPD, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, Juvenile and Adult Probation and the Superior Court. Students visit various justice and law enforcement agencies and participate in mock court proceedings to help demystify the criminal justice system.

The SFPD will also provide safe and fun activities for youth throughout the summer including: rafting, camping trips, swimming events, bowling and community barbecues- all at no charge. To learn more about these and other events and opportunities, contact the Department’s Community Engagement Division at (415) 558-5595.