SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Police Department officers Eric Reboli and Craig Tiffe, who shot a 20 year-old Amilcar Perez-Lopez in the back on February 26, 2015 in the Mission District, will not face charges in Lopez’s death.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office indicated that there is not enough evidence to file charges against Reboli and Tiffe, who were reportedly dressed in plain clothes when the deadly shooting took place.

Around 9:45 p.m., both officers arrived at Folsom and 25th Streets after receiving a 911 phone call stating that a man armed with a kitchen knife was chasing another man, identified by officials as Abraham P., down the street. The motive for the attack was because Abraham P. refused to sell Perez-Lopez a bike or that he had stolen his cell phone. A Muni video from a witness reportedly showed footage of the two men arguing outside of a building on Folsom Street.

A report issued by District Attorney George Gascon details a factual summary consisting of statements from both Reboli and Tiffe, officers who responded to the incident, the victim, witnesses, roommates of Perez-Lopez, and footage of the attack such as photos, videos, and recordings.

Gascon concluded ethe 25-page report with a legal analysis and conclusion which also entails legal principles and the “Expert Opinion re Use of Deadly Force.”