SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Officers Association spoke during a news conference on Monday, January 27 appealing for federal aid in prosecuting a man shot by officers on December 7, 2019, in the Mission District. Recently elected District Attorney Chesa Boudin dropped all charges against Jamaica Hampton, 24, on January 24. Hampton allegedly attacked to officers with a bottle on December 7, who were investigating a break-in at a woman’s home.

Tensions between Boudin and the SFPOA were present before he was elected in November 2019.  Boudin’s campaign focused on making improvement to the criminal justice system, the SFPOA poured $650,000 into a countercampaign with mailers noting that Boudin is “the #1 choice of criminals and gang members” to educate voters on “Boudin’s dangerous policy proposals.”

SFPOA president, Tony Montoya responded to the charges being dropped against Hampton by stating “[It] validates every word we used in our opposition against [Chesa Boudin], every penny we spent.” Officers with the SFPOA indicated that Boudin’s decision sided with criminals, and a lack of accountability suggests minor punishment for criminals who assault an officer.

“The Hampton case is unique because there are multiple victims who are seeking, and who deserve, justice,” said Paul Lehman-Ewing, the spokeswoman for the district attorney in a statement on Monday. “No conclusions about the prosecutorial viability of Hampton’s case should be drawn here.”

In a statement released to the San Francisco Examiner, Boudin revealed that the charges were dropped because officers testifying against Hampton would be “problematic.”

In response, the SFPOA sponsored website, led with the headline “Chesa Declares Open Season on Police Officers.” A video of the incident was released showing bodycam and security footage of the incident. Montoya claims on the front page that it’s the SFPOA’s duty to “expose [Boudin’s] dangerous decisions and hope San Franciscans will hold Boudin accountable.” Charges can be refiled against Hampton at Boudin’s discretion.