SAN FRANCISCO—The city of San Francisco may partner with a private shuttle service to provide alternative transportation options to parents who are collectively driving 60,000 miles to pick-up and drop off their children from K-5 schools.

According to a Child Transportation Study, requested by San Francisco Board of Supervisor Katy Tang, and conducted by David Latterman of Fall Line Analytics, 52 percent of parents pick-up their children up from school, 57 percent drive them, and 70 percent pick-up their children from after-school programs.

Many of these after-school programs are at private schools that can be much further than their public school, Latterman said.

Tang held a conference on Thursday, January 19, to discuss the “first of its kind” data in depth as well as inform the participants that the study will continue to determine solutions for San Francisco Unified School District’s lack of transit options before the year is over. The private shuttle service is just one of many other solutions provided in the report.

“We weren’t surprised to find out most families are driving to school and have to make decisions about their child’s education based on limited transportation options,” Tang said in a Facebook post.

While yellow buses are available for students to use, budget cuts throughout the years have diminished the number of buses available. San Francisco provided free MUNI rides for children from low-income families between the ages of 5 and 17 from March 2015 to June 2016. The 16-month program was part of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s efforts in educating residents of transportation alternatives in the city.

San Francisco County Transportation Authority is seeking the participation of parents with students in grades K-5 in their survey, and future focus groups. To learn more about this initiative SFCTA requests that you contact Joe Castiglione at (415) 522-4810 or via email.