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Sharon, Rey Tie The Knot On “Young And Restless!”

Sharon and Rey are about to walk down the aisle on "The Young and the Restless."

HOLLYWOOD—So it feels like these past 2 weeks in the soap arena have been short to say the least, well they have as a direct result of only 2-3 episodes airing for most soaps because of the holidays. Well there is some good news to celebrate on “The Young and the Restless,” Sharon and Rey are tying the knot. It was so obvious the moment that Rey arrived in town after Sharon’s lover Dylan was forced into the witness protection program they would become an item.

The characters just have exceptional chemistry and that is a direct result of their portrayers. With that said, after what feels like a few years, Rey and Sharon are finally trekking down the aisle and the two have been through some hiccups, most notably Sharon overcoming her breast cancer battle.

All looks well, except it’s not because there is a thorn in the mix by the name of Adam Newman. Adam should be worried about Chelsea who has had some recent health scares and it looks like she might have a serious medical crisis that has to be addressed. However, Adam has ALWAYS had a torch for Sharon, and vice versa Sharon for Adam. So what does that mean, with Arturo and Mama Rosales back in town, it seems that Rey and Sharon will have a wedding free drama, but challenges are headed in their direction based on what we are seeing people.

In other exciting news, Lily and Billy are fast becoming my favorite new couple. They just have amazing chemistry people and it works. Lily was by Billy’s side during his worst and the two have taken their relationship to the next level, but there is a problem: Victoria Newman. Victoria really didn’t want to be with Billy, but now that Billy is with someone else it is apparent that Victoria is suffering a bit from the jealousy drug. She is trying to hide it, but she is NOT doing a great job at it America, not at all people.

With all that madness in the relationship world, we discovered Billy was framed by Alyssa of all people who tried to kill Adam. Does it make sense? Yeah, but it feels like such a cheat and I mean such a cheat if you are asking me America! I mean Alyssa hadn’t even been in town, and she shows up as a witness and just happens to be the shooter, it feels like the writers were a bit sloppy with wrapping up this bore of a narrative to begin with.

In other Genoa City news, Amanda came face-to-face with her birth mother, who was NOT Rose people; it was a cousin of Rose’s who just happened to raise a daughter of her own. So that means Amanda has another sister besides Hilary that she never met and is feeling a bit of a way about it. Thankfully, she has Devon as a shoulder to lean on and he can understand her process. The viewers can see the writing on the wall that Devon and Amanda will soon become an item, it’s just the writers are taking the slow burn process with the connection finally igniting.

I’m not going to talk about the Phyllis storyline because it’s irrelevant. C’mon give this vixen a juicier storyline to play with writers, I expect it from you. We do have to chat about the impending love triangle that seems to be looming between Kyle, Summer and Sally. The friction between Summer and Sally is palatable to say the least. Summer can see that Sally is coming after here and Sally has been warned by Jack. However, we all know Sally Spectra is a fiery character just look at her antics on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Do you expect any less on “Y&R?” I did not people.

Kyle doesn’t seem to realize that Sally has her eye on him, even though Summer has warned him. If anything it’s almost like Kyle is open to the possibility. He has always had a wondering eye, and this notion of Summer and Kyle being stronger than ever I just unfortunately am not buying it people. We have not fully come to grips as viewers what Sally is up to, but it is indeed clear Sally has something up her sleeve and it’s going to have ripple effects on Kyle and Summer’s relationship to say the least. With February sweeps approaching “Y&R” better bring the drama because their May and November sweeps for 2020 were complete duds people.

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