HOLLYWOOD—It is not easy to deliver a cliffhanger or a shocking twist that will leave viewers on daytime TV stunned with the result. The last time a twist had me gasping was the revelation that Robin Scorpio-Drake did not die in that explosion at General Hospital, but was being held captive by Cesar Faison. Well, add the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” to the list to deliver a stunning twist.

On June 9, fans were stunned with the reveal that Sheila Carter, yes, that Sheila people, was the culprit (at least we think) behind that bullet that was fired at Quinn Fuller. While we all thought Katie was guilty of committing the deed, Sheila’s sudden return changes everything people. I mean Quinn is crazy, but Sheila is downright crazy and dangerous as hell.

To have actress Kimberlin Brown back on the soap will deliver a sensational storyline that I’m certain will have fans glued to the small screen. Watching that moment where Quinn questioned the mystery woman inside Katie’s home only for her to discover it was a woman named Sheila had jaws dropping. Quinn has indeed met a formidable foe, let me take that back, she has met a foe that is going to give her a taste of her own medicine. If anyone can out crazy Quinn, it’s Sheila, and the chaos has just begun people.

To make the situation worse, Sheila was once married to Eric Forrester, so I suspect that she has returned to reignite that flame. I’m just waiting for the moment that Rick, Brooke and Ridge discover good ole Sheila has returned to Los Angeles to wreck more havoc people. Yes, the writers will have to explain quite a bit, because the last time we saw Sheila Carter was on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” and she had the face of Phyllis Newman. So just how did Sheila get her face back? Yeah, I’m dying to learn that answer!

The teaser alone for Sheila’s return showcased Katie holder a fire poker at the villainess, Quinn dropping to the floor, Eric demanding his former lover be locked-up, not to mention Ridge and the authorities bursting into the Forrester mansion with looks of shock on their face. Fingers crossed for the catfight between Sheila and Quinn to end all catfights. I mean not in a million years did I ever expect to see this Daytime Great return to the soap arena. And Sheila doesn’t look like she’s aged a bit people.

I will admit May sweeps were not the most explosive on “B&B” so it looks like they are making up for things with some much needed surprises for the month of June and what is likely to be the rest of the summer. Could Sheila’s return spill doom for Quinn, and we finally see that long awaited secret between Quinn and Ridge come to light?

I would assume, if anyone is willing to deliver the truth its good ole Sheila people. To make the situation worse is Sheila’s ability to convince not only herself, but those around her that she is a reformed woman. I mean Katie wasn’t buying it, and Eric certainly was rattled when he came face-to-face with his ex-wife. I was waiting for Sheila to pull a gun on Eric, instead she found herself taking a trip down to the police station courtesy of Lt. Baker.

We all know Sheila isn’t going to prison because this woman covers her tracks in ways that no ever expected. However, another twist was delivered this week, when someone took another shot at Quinn. It wasn’t Sheila because she was being held in custody at the police station, Katie was watching from the scope. So who is the person trying to set-up Katie and Sheila? Let the games begin people, because plenty of madness is about to leave soap fans in a tizzy!