SAN FRANCISCO—The University of San Francisco notified students of a shooter alert in Gillson Hall on Sunday, November 24. Students posted videos and tweets about the experience, some describing the incident as a lack of proper preparation by campus officials.

According to reports, some students claimed the shooter scare was spread first by word of mouth. After the initial scare, campus sent out text alerts to students. The San Francisco Foghorn, was the first to send out reports about a shooter on campus, and confirmed that the incident was resolved on campus as no shooter or gun was found at the time of the incident

“At 7:51 p.m., after the situation had reportedly been resolved, the University sent out an SMS, email, and robocall informing the community that there is “no active shooter on campus,” tweeted @SFFoghorn on November 24.

Authorities later arrested a suspect for issuing the threats. Isaac Berg, 19, a student at USF was charged with the crime, but later released on bail. He was re-arrested for a car theft and taken back into police custody. USF released the following statement via their website.

“Dear USF Community, I write with an update on student Isaac Berg, who recently posted threats against other students and exhibited concerning behavior. As you are aware, an investigation involving USF Public Safety officers and the San Francisco Police Department resulted in Berg being taken into custody Sunday, Nov. 24. He was subsequently charged in connection with those threats.

At approximately 10 p.m. last night, Nov. 25, we learned that he was released on bail. We had no reason to believe he had intentions of returning to campus and we were working with his family member here in San Francisco to ensure he would not come to campus. As a precaution, we posted an officer near Hayes-Healy and Gillson Halls, notified appropriate staff, and had additional SFPD presence around campus.

Today, we were notified our student was re-arrested for a carjacking almost immediately after his release.”

A second shooting was reported at San Francisco State University on Monday, November 25, where a 55-year-old man was apprehended at the J. Paul Leonard Library in the afternoon. The man was heard saying he would shoot people and detonate a bomb. Authorities released a statement indicated that the individual was arrested and there were no reports of any injuries to the public.

“Police have concluded their investigation and determined that the suspicious package was not a threat to public safety. The @SFSU Library will be resuming regular business activities tomorrow.  The shelter in place order has been lifted and regular @SFSU activities can resume,” tweeted the SF State Police Department.