UNITED STATES—Over the weekend, Americans learned that NFL superstar Ray Rice, who played for the Baltimore Ravens, had his indefinite suspension from the league lifted. Meaning the football star could get another opportunity to play in the pros, but everyone is asking should he?

I do believe in second chances, but this particular case has garnered so much national attention I don’t know how Rice will be perceived if given another chance. Are we saying we’re okay with domestic violence by allowing him a return to the league? I guess many could argue that Michael Vick was given a second chance so why can’t Rice?

Some would say what Vick did was nothing compared to what Rice did, but I’d saying animal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse on another human. To make matters worse it was captured on video. I’m sorry, but as someone who has experienced domestic violence in my family, an abuser will continue to abuse, no matter how many times they’ll argue otherwise. If they struck you once, they will do it again and again. I don’t know, or feel you can reform someone who has physically put his hands on a woman.

I’m certain this may not have been the first time Rice put his hands on his now wife and I don’t believe it will be the last time. That’s my primary concern. She did an interview with Matt Lauer, pretty much confessing that she was in the wrong just as much as her attacker. STOP! You’re not wrong, he is wrong. It’s sad to see this woman not realize that she did not do anything wrong. She is not at fault for what transpired.  He is and she should not accept any blame for his actions.

TMZ even reported that several NFL players would welcome Rice back to the league as they believe everyone deserves a second chance, but they admitted no more. If he makes another mistake he should suffer the consequences delivered to him. I feel like an organization is willing to extend an offer to Rice, but they have to be wondering about the backlash they might receive. Are they condoning Rice’s behavior, how will fans react? I think that is the crucial factor. How are the fans going to react to Rice perhaps rejoining the organization?

I’m certain plenty of guidelines will be in place. Anger management, domestic violence classes, community service, the list goes on and on. Rice is going to have to prove to the public beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a reformed and changed man. He fully understands what he did was wrong, but is he willing to take the steps needed to get the help he needs, while doing his best to help others not go down this vicious path that is prevalent in America.

I do believe everyone in the world should be given the opportunity to make an amends to something they did wrong, but I can’t help this odd feeling I have that whatever decision is made rather to bring Rice on board or not will be talked about for weeks, months or years to come. Well until another player in the NFL does something stupid.