UNITED STATES—To apologize or not to apologize that is the question of the day. I sometimes ask myself why in the world is it so difficult for some people to utter those simple two words: “I’m sorry.” I mean does the tongue go up in flames with the notion that those words would have to be uttered. Some people just seem to let their pride get the best of them and it’s a shame.

People apologize all the time, but if there is no level of sincerity behind the apology what the hell is the point of giving the apology to begin with. I mean, I’d rather you not say anything at all if there is no plan to show empathy for such actions. We hear time and time again that actions speak louder than words, so what is the purpose of an apology to begin with? It’s for the individual to acknowledge that he or she did something wrong.

We all know someone who refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing, even when they know for a fact that they have. People don’t want to be seen in a bad light to others, and I understand that, but in order to remedy a past transgression, one has to be willing to take accountability for what has been done, even if it’s the most shameful thing possible. Some people fail to realize that you cannot buy a person’s forgiveness, well not in my eyes you can’t. There are those if you buy them a new car or some other nifty, expensive item all is okay, but in the end, you’re settling for a materialistic item versus someone presenting their authentic self to you.

You might be asking where all this is coming from. It dates back to nearly 2 months ago when my step-brother viciously attacked me to the point where he BIT, yes people, bit my arm leaving a nasty bruise. Since then, we haven’t had a conversation and just the mere presence of him boils my blood so I have to stay out of contact with him. I’m more upset over the fact that he attempted to give a sorry, pathetic and just shameful apology that was laughable to me I could barely stomach his presence.

I refuse to have a conversation with an immature, reckless, evil individual who thinks it’s acceptable to bite someone and cause a bruise and not show the smallest sign of empathy whatsoever. I mean who the hell do you seriously think you are? I can sense he has no intention of offering an apology, as the melee was a direct result of his actions, what’s worse is he has no idea that I can hold a grudge better than anyone.

Is that a good thing for my sake? Probably not, they save forgiveness is the key to moving on in your life and I do believe that 100 percent. However, in life you teach people lessons by making it clear that bad behavior will not be rewarded.

He shouldn’t expect anything for his birthday or Christmas for that matter. I’m a firm believer that if a person truly wants to apologize they will do so. This person, I don’t believe has the smallest ounce of remorse in his body and to be honest I’m okay with that.

However, he should be well aware that you do indeed reap what you sew. I wish no harm on any person, but those who do dastardly things do have a day of reckoning coming their way. I seriously hope my step brother acknowledges his wicked ways to understand that an apology is way more effective than being a stubborn, self-absorbed human being.