CALIFORNIA—On Wednesday, July 29, the city of Larkspur announced that at the direction of City Manager Dan Schwarz, the sculpture of Sir Francis Drake temporarily removed from Larkspur Landing. They uploaded a statement of the project with details on the city’s website.

Sir Francis Drake was an English explorer and pirate during the Elizabethan era. According to the statement, the purpose of removing the Sir Francis Drake Statue is for public safety.

“The removal is in response to planned demonstrations to tear down or demolish the Statue in a way that is potentially unsafe. Removing the statue is intended to promote public safety while preserving the statue so that dialogue about its future can continue,” reads a statement via the City of Larkspur’s website.

On June 29, the City Council had a public workshop on the Francis Drake statue. Forty members of the community discussed their opinions on the removal of Sir Francis Drake’s statue. The City Council directed the City Manager to research the process for the removal project. They scheduled a second meeting to hear more public feedback before making the final decision on the statue’s future.

The statement notes, on Wednesday, August 5, the City Council will discuss the next steps about the statue at the meeting. The city of Larkspur encourages members of the community to join in the meeting and share their ideas and insights.