SAN FRANCISCO─A San Francisco 6th-grader has landed a starring role as a voice in the animated kid’s series “Go! Go! Cory Carson!” on Netflix.

Alan ‘A.C.’ Lim is an 11-year old that attends Claire Lilienthal School where he attends a theater class taught by his mother. He recorded an audition demo for the role of Cory Carson and waited a whole year before his mom broke the news that he was selected for the part.

Lim plays Cory Carson, an adventurous kid car navigating the bumpy roads of childhood with his family. Corey and his family live in the charming Bumperton Hills, a neighborhood flooded with characters of all makes and models. The animated series has visuals and silly dynamics that include cars trying yoga and riding roller coasters. The show’s versatility offers a shift in perception that appeals to parents.

The new program expands on Netflix’s growing slate of animated shows geared towards preschoolers in a section called Netflix Junior.

“I think it was really fun because I got to put my own personality into the car and kind of live the life of a car,” said Lim.

Producer Alex Woo said that it was A.C.’s voice sold him. “He has a very appealing gravely voice,” said Woo. “And when I heard it, I just thought, ‘oh, this is our kid.’”

Woo co-produces the show with Stanley Moore, a fellow Pixar Alumni. The two met during the creation of “Finding Dory,” before leaving the company to start Kuku Studios in Berkeley. Moore said that A.C. “had this energetic quality that was ready to jump into action and make mistakes and try to be grown-up.”

Kuku Studios signed a multi-year agreement with Netflix to produce a host of TV shows and films. Netflix is currently streaming “Go Go Cory Carson!” in over 25 languages in 180 different countries.