SAN JOSE—Officer Julio Morales, 49, of the San Jose Police Department was  arrested on Monday, March 6 in connection with marijuana theft, Sgt. Enrique Garcia announced in a press release.

Morales, a 21-year veteran, was cited for misdemeanor petty theft for allegedly stealing a suspect’s supply of marijuana. At the time of the theft, he was assigned to the Bureau of Field Operations Patrol and arrested a suspect for domestic violence. He has been on paid leave since February 4, when authorities first discovered the crime after an administrative investigation conducted by the Internal Affairs.

Garcia disclosed the following to Mercury News:

“For one of our own officers to do this is a huge disappointment. We work hard to build and maintain trust in the community. This officer’s actions does not reflect the amazing work our officers do daily.”

According to the Mercury News, in 2010, Morales pleaded not guilty to a case in which he reportedly fondled a teenage girl and drove her home against her will. Jurors determined a lack of evidence in the 13-day trial, where he was exonerated.