Skyrocketing Insurance Costs


UNITED STATES—There is an epidemic taking place inAmericaright now.  The cost of insurance is unbearable.  Now just what type of insurance am I referring to? I’m referring to all forms of insurance: car, house, health, life, earthquake, etc.  There is a type of insurance for almost anything that has monetary value.

The problem I have with insurance rates is the fact that the prices are unbelievable.  We live in a nation where let’s face it, if you have a vehicle you need to have car insurance. There are countless commercials all over the TV promoting cheaper insurance rates; yet, it boils down to one thing: the area that you live in. There are various parts of the country where the price of auto insurance is double, even triple the prices as in other regions.

The issue doesn’t stop with car insurance, but there is also health insurance.  There have been countless arguments and debates in the political arena over President Obama’s universal health care act which is expected to enact health insurance for all Americans in the coming years. Its welcome news in my opinion as so many Americans who are employed do not have health insurance.  The idea of not being able to visit the doctor because of the fear of paying unbelievable costs is scary for most of us.

Jeez, an x-ray could end up costing you a few thousand dollars depending on how many x-rays you need.  There are so many health insurance companies that force their consumers to pay unbelievable rates, yet when it comes time to cash in on those fees that have been paid over the years, the insurance company doesn’t want to fork out any cash. Are you kidding me?  I’m not paying you to make you rich; I’m paying you so that I have coverage when I need it for an expensive surgery or unexpected accident that may arise.

This same notion applies to home insurance. Not many people have the finances to ensure their property, but it is something that should be done.  I hate to say it, but you never know when something dire can take place.  Unfortunately a pipe can burst causing the home to flood, mother-nature could enact her furry or a fire could take place.

If such incidents take place, companies automatically suspect that it’s suspicious, but that is not always the case.  So many of us end up paying for the actions of those who try to get an edge on the insurance companies and it’s not fair at all. Just because a few have gotten over the system does not mean everyone is attempting to do the same.

Now let’s transition to life insurance; it’s something most of us have, others not so much.  Just like car, home and medical insurance, prices are not letting up, but a bigger issue revolves around receiving the funds in the instance that something tragic happens.  People are always getting the go around which is unfortunate.  If you pay into something, when it time to pay up there should not be an issue with giving the party who has paid into it what they rightfully deserve.

Why are so many of these insurance companies able to charge unbelievable rates to consumers, yet there is nothing we can do to fight the skyrocketing costs.  We have to have health insurance, car insurance, life insurance and for most of us house insurance, but once you factor in all those costs on top of your other expenses, there is little to anything left.  My issue isn’t paying for these various types of insurance, its not having the ability to do so without breaking the bank.

Perhaps out of all these types of insurance, car insurance is the worst. Those companies are making a killing on Americans and there’s not a thing we can do to stop it.  Well actually there is, we could all choose to go without insurance for six months and send a message, but it’ll never happen.  There are always those people not willing to take a stand to send a message to these gluttonous organizations.

While we may not have a choice on whether or not we have various types of insurance, we do have a choice in the cost that we pay.  United we are a formidable force; we send a message to the companies that we will not allow them to continue to force us to pay unbelievable costs without providing the top notch service that they promise.

By Trevor Roberts