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“Spy” Is Full Of Hilarity

Melissa McCarthy stars in the comedy "Spy."

HOLLYWOOD—It’s safe to say that “Bridesmaids” made Melissa McCarthy a comedic superstar. The actress grew to fame when director Paul Feig cast her in the 2011 box-office hit. The duo recently collaborated on the 2013 hit “The Heat.”

I will admit “Spy” is slightly a different take on comedy as it intertwines a bit of action in the mix, but it’s definitely an R-rated tale. McCarthy stars as Susan Cooper, a desk-bound CIA analyst who has plenty of brains, but rarely gets the opportunity to play out in the field. She is the eyes and ears, so to speak, for her partner Agent Bradley Fine portrayed by a suave Jude Law.

When unfortunate circumstances arrive, Susan finds herself working out in the field alongside one of the agency’s top agents, Rick Ford portrayed by Jason Statham. The on-screen coupling of Statham and McCarthy is a hilarious one.

Audiences are well aware that McCarthy can carry her own, but who would have suspected that action aficionado Statham was so funny? I would have never guessed it in a million years. It’s like our main characters get the opportunities to swap roles slightly. McCarthy becomes action star, while Statham becomes the comic relief.

The comedy works so well because the narrative is a bit of a thriller. The audience is left to connect the pieces of the puzzle, before it is revealed to us. Along the way, some crazy hi-jinks occur as McCarthy proves she is willing to go a few extra miles to deliver the laughs to the audience, even if it’s at her own expense. Another notable player in the movie is Rose Byrne who portrays Rayna Boyanov, Susan’s primary nemesis throughout the picture.

The actress has proven in recent years that “Bridesmaids” was just the beginning of her comedic chops. She was a notable player in the comic fest “Neighbors” alongside Seth Rogen. Feig who also serves as a producer and writer on the project proves once again that women can be just as funny, if not funnier than their male counterparts. He finds a way to highlight stars without it coming across forced or too over the top.

I entered the theater with the trepidation that I would be watching another “Mr. Bean” movie, but found myself thoroughly entertained by McCarthy, Byrne, Law and of all people Statham who proves he should do comedy more often. “Spy” is one hell of a funny movie, and to the adults out there you will love ever second of it.

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