“Star Trek Into Darkness” Trailer Unleashed

Image courtesy of Badass Digest.

HOLLYWOOD—For those Trekkies out there who have eagerly been awaiting the next chapter of the “Star Trek” franchise the wait will soon be over. The new trailer for “Star Trek: Into Darkness” was unleashed onto the Internet on Thursday, December 6 and it’s explosive to say the least. The sequel is the follow-up to Abrams 2009 massive hit that rebooted the franchise.

This next chapter sees the return of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Zoe Saldana as Uhura. Much secrecy surrounds this chapter, but our heroes will face a formidable villain portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. Who distinctly he plays has yet to be revealed, but the trailer does indeed indicate he has a score to settle and the planet will be destroyed in the midst of him exacting his revenge.

I was a huge fan of the reboot and this newest chapter has some amazing visuals to satiate the viewers until next May. Audiences will be treated to a fiery battle that will appear awesome on the big screen, a ship emerging from a sea of water and a planet at the mercy of a madman. This teaser does exactly what a stellar trailer should do; gives the spectator just enough to make you want more. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” invades multiplexes on May 17, 2013. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a visual, action-packed sci-fi epic. Well the wait is over.

By LaDale Anderson