UNITED STATES—Man, I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I’m so happy I can sense that spring will soon dawn upon us. Depending on what part of the United States you live in, the past few weeks have been brutal. This is especially evident for those who reside in the Midwest or the Northeast. I mean the frigid temperatures in December, January and February, not to mention the never-ending snowfall has taken a toll on many of us. The one great thing about the month of February is that it’s short. So you know what that means right? When February ends, it means we are that much closer to spring arriving as March kicks off.

Yes, the weather is starting to warm up slightly in most regions in the country, and the sun is starting to brighten more and more each day. I mean about a month ago it was dark at 6 p.m., and now it’s not getting dark until 7 p.m. To make things even sweeter is the fact that there is energy in the air. People are excited to get outdoors. I’m seeing kids ride their bikes, people raking leaves and plenty starting to do yardwork. While not full-blown to the fact of cutting grass and such, things are indeed being done America.

Yes, I know April showers bring May flowers, just please don’t turn into that individual who is immediately ready to shoot down the notion of rain causing depression. Yes, I know rain is something not many Americans are fond of, but to me it’s just water. We need that water for our lawns to absorb moisture for trees to spruce and for flowers to bloom. Spring is also a great kick-off for the summer months because many Americans who have been sheltered during the winter months are now outdoors and getting active once again.

However, with spring’s arrival it becomes evident that there is plenty that has to be done inside and around the home. For starters, a lot of that winter clothing, it’s time to get organized. That means putting away those large winter coats, those sweaters and clothing that is utilized to keep many of us warm. Now, don’t get crazy and start pulling out the shorts and T-shirts right away, there still might be a brisk wind and things can always fluctuate until actual spring arrives on March 20.

Clothing might be the start of preparing for spring, but preparing for what we all know as ‘Spring Cleaning’ is at the forefront. This is that one time of year when people really get the house in order by getting rid of items that are taking up place, preparing to place summer furniture out in the yard and getting those hands dirty by getting into the nooks and crannies in the home. This is also that time of year where those winter dishes get pushed to the background and the creative mind starts to think about those summer dishes. Yes, America, things are going to get steamy outside, so the last thing you want to do is to cook indoors where the heat will irritate you.

Yes, grilling season is upon us so get prepared to start cooking outdoors, and many of those seasonal fruits and vegetables are about to make a comeback America. Yes, fresh corn, raspberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches and cherries. Just the thought of those fruits and veggies sends me into a tailspin because I wish they were available year round. Spring is also the beginning of some fun holidays like Easter, April 1, Memorial Day, prom season and graduation season as well! I always tell people that I have two favorite seasons of the year: Fall because of all the holidays and family time and spring because it’s not too hot or too cold!

Written By Kelsey Thomas